#Have A Sticker – How to Unlock All Achievements

#Have A Sticker 100% Achievement Guide.

Achievement Notes / Guide & Gameplay Tips

#Have A Sticker has a total of 5000 Achievements, none of which are missable and completion time is around 30 minutes.

Achievements in this game are, by any measure, a mess. When first loading the game 4479 of the 5000 achievements are automatically unlocked, as for the remaining 521 achievements these are unlocked by playing the levels of the game.

Exactly how many achievements are awarded per level is not a given and may have a degree of randomness.

I started playing on easy difficulty and after completing 8 levels I had unlocked a total of 4778 achievements. For level 9, 10, 11 and 12 I earned 5 achievements for each level, but for level 13, I earned none and then for level 14, I earned 5, having unlocked a total of 4803 achievements after 14 levels on easy difficulty.

I then switched to medium difficulty and earned 5 achievements for my first level, none for my second and 6 for my third level.

I then switched to hard difficulty and earned 5 achievements for each of my first 3 levels, now having played a total of 20 levels, unlocking a total of 4829 achievements.

To moral of this is, to 100% #Have A Sticker load the game and keep playing levels on whichever difficulty you wish until all 5000 achievements have unlocked, for me it took 61 levels in total, taking around 45 minutes, including time taking notes for this guide.

As for the puzzles themselves, the aim is to remove the blocks from the right picture (by clicking on them) so that when the left picture is overlapped with the right picture it forms a complete picture with no overlapping tiles. Be aware that the hit box detection is quite poor and occasionally when my cursor was over one tile and I clicked it affected the adjacent tile and not the one my cursor was over.

On a final note, the puzzle solutions are entirely random, as such the videos below are pointless, they are there however because I stupidly wasted my time making them.

#Have A Sticker, Level 1 to 25.

#Have A Sticker, Level 26 to 50.

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