Guardian Chronicle – World View

World View

There was a planet where various races lived in numerous cities.

On the planet, there was Lanic, a mineral with the power of a star and its power was a source of machine operation and magic.

With the power of Lanic, all cities continued to develop and there were only peaceful days.

Then one day, a dimensional rift had suddenly opened up and monsters started to appear from it and began to absorb the Lanic!

In order to prevent the Lanic crystals from being absorbed by the monsters, the powerful heroes in various places gathered together with their allies to stop the monsters.

Thanks to all the heroes who fought the monsters in a long battle, all the monsters were defeated and the dimensional rift had disappeared.

The people came to respect and follow the heroes, and called them the Guardians.

Time had passed and peace was restored, however, the king couldn’t figure out the cause of the rift.

He believed that the dimensional rift might possibly be opened up again one day, so he holds a competition to train the talented Guardians to prepare for the crisis.


(Tori, Mori, Colas, Minnus, Sio, Ave, Dolyna, Magas)

Master, the main element of a deck-building. Each master has a different skill and it determines the deck concept.

Guardian Type

1) Defense

  • A Defense Guardian attacks the enemy to defend your camp. 
  • The majority of the Guardians are defensive types and their skills are specialized to dominate the enemies.

2) Support

  • A Support Guardian backs other Guardians up and helps to defend the base with more power.
  • This type mainly assists the Defense/Attack type Guardian.

3) Attack

  • Attack type Guardian aims to collapse the opponent’s formation, rather than defending your camp.
  • Some of the Attack type Guardians have different skillset with the PvP when playing in a co-op mode.

4) Growth

  • A Growth type Guardian helps to accumulate Lanic or raise the Star Level.
  • Although the Growth type Guardian is weak in battles, they produce Lanic that is mandatory in the battle.

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