GTA: San Andreas – Drive By Walkthrough

Drive By Mission

This is another mission where you’ll play wheelman, so head outside and get in the ride. Follow the marker over to Balla territory (stop, as always, in the red marker). Your homies will warn you against stopping the car. If it screeches to a halt, so will your mission, so keep rolling.

Roll around the corner and follow the map to the first red marker. Once you get there, drive past slowly and look right to see how your homies are faring icing down the opposing gang. When they finish, go to the next block and hit the red marker there. Watch out for your car health… if it goes to zero, the mission will fail. So keep moving and just hunt down the red blips. Keep moving and icing fools. You can always go around the block.

Once you have finished killing fools around the block, head down near the bridge and ice those blips. When that’s done, your warning level will go to two stars, and the cops will be on your case. Follow the yellow marker back to the ‘hood and pilot your vehicle into the Pay N’ Spray there. When the car is repainted, pilot it back to Sweet’s house. You will receive money and respect for a mission well done. At this point, Ryder and Big Smoke’s missions also become available. For now, let’s stick with Sweet.

Next is up: Sweet’s Girl

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