GTA Online Guide: Where to Find the Los Santos Slasher

With the release of the new Moonshine update in Red Dead Online, GTAO has received a fun little crossover event that can be completed to unlock a weapon in Red Dead Online. This crossover event involves a serial killer that is running rampant in Los Santos. To help you complete this event use our where to find the Los Santos Slasher in GTAO guide below.

Los Santos Slasher Clue Locations

To complete this crossover event you need to find a total of five clues spread out around Los Santos. These clues lead you to a final showdown with the serial killer. The five clue locations are shown above in the video by YouTuber GTA Series Video. If you want to read a text description of each clue:

  1. “Can You Find Me?” writing on wall in Great Chaparral.
  2. Severed hand near runway in Great Senora Desert.
  3. Machete stuck in barn in Grapseed.
  4. Bloody Handprint on door of Bayview Lodge in Paleto Bay.

When you are near any of the clues listed above you will feel a rumble in your controller. Upon inspecting a clue you will get XP and $5,000.

Murder Van Possible Spawns Map

Image showing the possible locations of the Slasher's van.

Once you’ve collected the four mentioned clues above (all in fixed locations), you need to find the fifth and final clue which is the murder van. The murder van can spawn in five possible locations (shown in the map and video above).

How to Get the Navy Revolver?

Image showing how to get the Navy Revolver in GTA Online.

Upon interacting with the fifth clue, the murder van, you will receive a menacing text message that tells you you’ll be sorry for putting your nose into this. After you get this text message wait for the next night and a Slasher will randomly spawn into your game and will attack you (there’s a message that pops up when this happens). Defeat the Slasher to receive the Navy Revolver, XP, and $50000.

Kill 50 People with the Navy Revolver

Once you have the Navy Revolver in your possession you will trigger the final portion of the mission which is to kill 50 people using the Navy Revovler. This step is fairly self explanotory and can be completed using any method you desire. Once you’ve defeated 50 people you will receive $20000 and will unlock the Navy Revolver in Red Dead Online.

That’s everything you need to know to find the Los Santos Slasher. What did you think of this side mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me hear them in the comments below.

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