GTA 5 Free For A Week On The Epic Games Store

The last twenty four hours spent drowning in rumors of GTA 5 being the next EGS freebie weren’t for nothing. Grand Theft Auto 5 is, in fact, freely available on the Epic Games Store for the next seven days. Grab it anytime before May 21st, and it’s yours forever and ever. You’ll even get a hefty GTA Online cash bonus, so you can buy some nice clothes or a fancy car or whatever it is that people spend Rockbucks on there.

gta 5 free
GTA 5 Free For A Week On The Epic Games Store

Of course, the store is being slammed beyond capacity at this point, so you might have to wait a day or two before you get a chance to claim it. Also, you’ll need to enable two-factor authentication, either using your email address or your phone number, before you can grab the game. New rules, presumably to stop people from creating hundreds of accounts so they can cheat in GTA Online and not worry about being banned. Keep in mind that the Rockbucks bonus may take up to 7-10 days to appear in your bank account. Don’t panic if the money isn’t there – just relax and do your thing, and it’ll appear in due time.

If you haven’t taken Loading Screen Simulator 2013 for a spin yet, this is the perfect chance. You won’t get a better price than this. I bounced off the game way back when – I found both the city and the stories incredibly dull, every car felt like a dump truck and the loading times in GTA Online were outrageous – which means that even though gajillions of people have loved it, there is a chance you won’t. That why it’s so great that you can try it out without spending your hard-earned cash! All you need is an email/phone number and an EGS account, and you probably already have all those things.

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