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Each class has different starting skills and GreedFall will even recommend starting Attributes and Talents for your selected class.


This profile focuses on Melee Combat.

The warrior excels in one handed heavy weapons and one handed blades. The warrior starts with the One Handed Heavy, One Handed Blades, and Firearms Skills.

  • Recommended Attributes: Strength and Endurance
  • Recommended Talents: Craftsmanship and Vigor


This Profile focuses on controlling the battlefield.

The Technical is a mastermind of strategy, tools, and science. The Technical starts with Elemental Traps, Firearms, and one handed blades. 

  • Recommended Attributes: Accuracy and Agility
  • Recommended Talents: Science and Lockpicking


This profile focuses on the use of offensive spells from a distance.

Magic users excel in combat from a distance, using magic rings and abilities to stop their opponents. The Magic starts with Divine Magic Ring, Stasis, and One handed heavy weapons.

  • Recommended Attributes: Mental Power and Willpower
  • Recommended Talents: Science and Intuition

Don’t worry, if you pick a skill path that you decide isn’t for you, picking one profile does not lock out the ability to unlock skills from other trees. Maybe you want to be a magic user with firearms, or a warrior with a magic ring in your back pocket for emergencies. The world is yours in GreedFall.

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