GranAge – Devish Boss Monster Walkthrough Guide (Stairway to Destiny)

This is a guide to Devish boss in Stairway to Destiny on floor 50 for people to challenge themselves against a level 50 boss monster.

Guide to Devish Boss

Prepping for Devish

Preparation for the Fight

For starters I would suggest you have have a good amount of health potions and mana potions since you only can revive 3 times during the whole dungeon. You can buy them from from the pharmacy and dye Shop or create them with a scroll from the tool shop.

If you have the materials to make the potions I would go ahead and make them since you would get 5 potions per scroll that cost you only 300 glan. Buying 5 low health potions for example would be 2000 glan which is 400 glan per potion.

Devish Fight

Devish Attacks

Devish has 5 actions he could do during the fight.

  • Summons – Devish summons 5 cursed knights

  • Charge Attack – Devish thrust his sword froward and back in the room

  • Fire Ball – Devish launches a fire ball on the ground that travels across the room

  • Twirl Sword – Devish twirls his sword around him

  • Vortex Charge – Devish cuts through dimension and sucks in player to charge at the direction he was facing

Avoiding the Attacks

How to Dodge Devish Attacks

Most of his attacks hit hard but are telegraph and are easy to avoid when you know what attacks are coming.

Here are some methods i use to avoid his attacks.

To start things off let’s talk about summons. Devish’s summons 5 cursed knight which aren’t a big deal but it would be best to take them out quickly or you will get knockdown by their attacks and most likely get up to see Devish’s attacks coming towards you.

On to the next attack which is Devish’s charge attack. You can tell when Devish is about to do this attack by the horse noise he make as he put the skull on. depending on where he’s facing he will charge on that side first and turns around to do another charge. you can stand on the platform above by using the springs to avoid this attack or stand at the end of the opposite side of the first direction he is facing.

Next attack is Devish’s fire ball. The attack it self is pretty obvious which is when he starts having flames shooting out with skull. This attack can easily be avoided with a jump.

Devish’s twirl attack is the same animation as charge attack but he will not make any noises as he sets his skull back on. This attack has pretty wonky hit box even in the front so it would be best to stay behind him at a distance before you start attacking him again.

For Devish’s last attack is the vortex charge. This has the same animation as the summons but it start pretty quick. This attack will suck you in and have a cross X showing where he will charge at. you can also tell where he will charge before the vortex by the direction he was last facing when he starts the attack. to get out of it you have to dash the opposite side of the attack to avoid it.

Now that you have an idea on how to avoid the attacks he will go into rage like state. Devish will start doing this once he get’s to a low enough health. at this state his attacks will come out faster so be on your toes and pay attention to the animation and sound to best avoid the attacks.


I hope all the information on Devish helps you in beating him. Here is a video of my gameplay to show how i beat it Devish.

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