GranAge – Creature Ogre Boss Monster Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough for Creature Ogre, a level 23 main mission boss. With his attacks, how to dodge them and when to attack.

Guide to Creature Ogre Boss


How to get the mission

Upon reaching level 23 you receive a party mission from the Dungeon Guide lady (On Petra’s Sanctuary).

You are sent to stop Lucifer’s conspiracy, the mission name is “Full Atacks”.

How to Win

Creature Ogre Attacks Patterns

The boss gives 3 attacks respectively:

  • Slash: A short range hit of 1 hit.
  • Shadow Ball: A long range attack of 5 hits.
  • Energy Cannon: And a huge power energy blast that takes half the screen.

How to Dodge the Attacks


The first hit is very simple to dodge, just be aware of the animation that the boss gives before hitting that it will be easy to dodge (Keeping an eye on the animations is crucial, not only for this boss, but for everyone).

Shadow Ball

This attack I could not dodge, shadow balls can chase your character and the most effective way to deal with them is blocking with Z.(Remember to make basic attacks between the boss attacks).

Energy Cannon

Be very careful with this attack, it can take a half of your life if you do not dodge. After Slash the boss will prepare to give the Energy Cannon with the animation below.

When that happens, you need to step back immediately and jump on the springs on the other side of the map (This is the only way to dodge the attack).

As you ascend the platform, the attack will pass under you. Wait for it to finish, go to the boss and release your skills keeping in mind that the next attack will be Slash.Unfortunately the screenshot didn’t catch the Energy Cannon due to some visual bug, but imagine that it is a horizontal yellow ray whit the size of the boss until the end of the map.

The End

Informations and recommendation.

  • As a reward you will earn a cloak from your class, 25k of Exp and 2,5k of Gran. 
  • Remembering that this mission is recommended to do in partys.

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