Gothic Playable Teaser – Full Achievement Walkthrough

A guide to unlocking all achievements in a single playthrough.

Complete Achievement Guide


Four achievements are currently broken, which means they don’t unlock when they should. Those achievements are:

  • Hangover.
  • The End of a Friendship.
  • Whistleblower.
  • The Colony’s Expert.

They will be marked in the guide as [Broken]. Trivial achievements are marked as [Trivial] to indicate, that you don’t have to go out of your way to unlock them, and that they should be come with the natural flow of the game.

All achievements can be unlocked in a single playthrough, and that is the purpose of this guide.

Please save your game as often as possible. It is very unstable and your progress may become permanently stopped. Sometimes even saving and reloading a game may stop your progress.

If you save often, you can always go back to a previous save, when everything worked correctly.


Achievements for collecting stuff.

The Numismatic Collector

  • Collect 10 coins.

Plant Lover

  • Collect 20 blueberries.

Expanding Treasury

  • Collect 15 ore nuggets.


  • [Broken] Collect 10 empty bottles.

Just pick up everything you come across and these should unlock naturally, except for Hangover, which is currently broken.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Easy to Open

  • Open 3 locked chests. [Trivial]

Should unlock naturally as you follow this guide and progress through the game.

Master Chef

  • Prepare three different cooking recipes.

While there are 3 recipes total in the teaser, this achievement currently unlocks after you prepare ANY 3 food items. It can be 3 of the same one, e.g. 3 scavenger sandwiches. After you get a recipe, locate a fire (one is at Diego’s camp) and interact with it.

Climb the ladder right next to Orry and turn around to see the cliff you must climb.

You can find the 1st seraphis and a Scavenger Sandwich recipe there.

Where you fight the snapper, use the grave as a reference point and follow the arrow.

Cape Dun Roast Beef recipe is located in the chest.

Nordmar Soup recipe is a reward for completing Sidequest: A Well Deserved Break. See: The Finnest Drink.

A Moment of Relax

  • Heed nature’s call.

You have to find 3 bowls and urinate in each of them. Urinating 3 times in the same one didn’t work for me, although some people have reported that it worked for them.

Exchange Zone, behind a locked gate (you’ll need a lockpick). See arrow.

On a rock near the bridge between the Exchange Zone and Beliar Temple.

On a rock shelf above the bridge leading to scavengers, the 2nd seraphis, and a rusty longsword. Hug left wall after passing through the gate Orry is guarding, and climb up.

A Wrong Step

  • Barely survive a fall.

You have to survive a long fall. Go to this ladder, near the Exchange Zone. Make sure your health is full, and run off the cliff next to the ladder. Don’t jump or you will certainly die. This achievement may require equipment, potions, or food that increase your maximum health.

Disgusting Boots

  • Crush 10 meatbugs. [Trivial]

There’s way more than 10, they’re pretty much everywhere, and they don’t fight back.

No Longer a Lamb

  • Kill 6 wolves. [Trivial]

There is more than 6 wolves in the teaser. If you’re having trouble, wait until you have a decent sword (the amulet and the ring make it even easier).

A Real Hunter

  • Kill 5 scavengers. [Trivial]

Again, there is more than 5. If you’re having trouble, wait until you have a decent sword (the amulet and the ring make it even easier).

The Walkthrough – Prologue

After watching the intro you gain control of the nameless hero. Move forward through the Exchange Zone, watching cutscenes, and pick up your first (broken) sword.

Now It Really Hurts

  • Get your first weapon.

You can’t win the fight with snappers, so lose and watch more cutscenes. Once you wake up in Diego’s camp, you will unlock:

Beginner’s Luck

  • Survived the first night in the Colony.

Diego will give you a quest – find A Decent Sword.

From his camp you can go right, down the stone stairs, to reach Beliar Temple, or left to reach Exchange Zone.

Go down the left path. On the right side look out for a ladder leading to a chest (yellow arrow), which contains an Amulet of Enlightenment (+25 total vitality).

Go back on the main path (green arrow). You’ll reach a ladder that will help you unlock A Wrong Step achievement (red arrow). To the left (yellow arrow) you can find a pack of wolves, guarding a wine bottle (Sidequest: A Well Deserved Break), and the note you need to give to Diego for the achievement Whistleblower.

You can ignore the wolves and come back later, when you feel more capable. For now, go down the Exchange Zone (green arrow) to find Cayden. He will offer you a Burned Longsword (10 Attack damage), a solution to the main quest, as a reward for his Sidequest: The Stolen Pendant.

Leave the Exchange Zone down the new path. You should see a stone staircase (green arrow) and a bridge (yellow arrow).

Go up the staircase to find Sarus and Berig. Once you defeat Sarus, SPARE HIS LIFE. He will give you His Dice Box and initiate a Sidequest: Medicines for Sarus.

Ignore Sarus and Cayden for now. Loot Berig’s body (1/3) to find a Logbook and a Key.

On the bridge next to Sarus is another dead body that you can loot (2/3).

Go straight ahead (yellow arrow) to reach Beliar Temple. Right in front of you, next to a tree is another corpse (3/3).

Loot it to unlock the achievement:

Body Looter

  • Loot a human body 3 times.

From there you can go right up the stairs to reach Diego’s Camp, straight ahead to reach Orry, who’s guarding a gate and offers a sidequest, or left to reach Sarus and Berig’s hidden stash. Go left first.

You can either walk off the stairs or go around them. Either way you’ll find the stash there. Open it with Berig’s key to find Cayden’s Pendant and Secret Stash Note.

Backtrack to the bridge, but instead of crossing it (to go back to Cayden), turn left.

Go through the hidden passage in the screenshot:

Open the locked door with Cayden’s Pendant to unlock an achievement:

Unveiling the Truth

  • Investigate to the end a hidden mistery.

Inside you’ll find a Longsword (20 attack damage) – the best weapon in the teaser, as well as a chest containing Hunter’s Ring (+25 total stamina). Looting the ring unlocks another achievement:

Feel the Magic

  • Get your first magic item.

Now you can go back to Cayden. Give him BOTH Cayden’s Pendant and Sarus’s Dice Set to earn his trust, as well as the (crappy) burned sword.

A Trustworthy Man

  • Build someone’s trust in the Colony.

The End of a Friendship

  • [Broken] Completed – The Stolen Pendant.

Equip the best sword you have and go back to the wolves you passed earlier. Get the wine and the note. Go back to Diego to finish the quest now, or go talk to Orry at the gate first. This guide assumes that you ignored Diego just for a little while longer.

Orry offers a Sidequest: Orry’s Headache. To the right of him is a ladder. Climb it and turn around. You should see a cliff that you can climb.

On top of it you can find a Seraphis (to the left) and a recipe for a Scavenger Sandwich (to the right).

Give the Seraphis to Orry. Sidequest completed. He still won’t let you through, though.

After a Long Night

  • Completed – Orry’s Headache.

Finally go back to Diego and show him your new sword.

A New Weapon

  • Completed – A Decent Sword.

And give him the note you found near the wolves.


  • [Broken] Deliver the note to Diego.

Now go with Diego and Orry will let you through.

The Walkthrough – Act I

Speak with Orry again to receive another Sidequest: A Well Deserved Break. Give him the wine you found earlier to instantly complete it.

The Finnest Drink

  • Completed – A Well Deserved Break.

Now you can continue down the valley with Diego (black arrow).

You’ll reach Bloodwyn, who will give you another Quest: Some Meat as a Debt. You need a Wolf Tusk and a piece of Snapper Meat. You should already have a tusk.

Go back to the location in the last screenshot. Go across the bridge (yellow arrow) to find 2 scavengers, a Rusty Longsword (15 Attack damage), and a 2nd Seraphis.

Go back to Sarus, who should be sitting next to the bridge with the first lootable body. Give him the Seraphis (or 10 blueberries, but you should save them for healing yourself) to heal him and complete his sidequest. Giving him 1 blueberry is a waste, as he won’t get healed that way.

You Won’t Die Today

  • Completed – Medicines for Sarus.

Go back and this time follow the red arrow – climb up the rocks to reach an area with wolves, scavengers, and a snapper.

Save your game in case you mess up ahead.

Lure a wolf or a scavenger to the snapper, either through hit-and-run tactics, or baiting them with meat. The snapper will claim its kill, earning you an achievement:

The Seed of Discord

  • Start a confrontation between creatures.

Kill the snapper to get its meat.

The Hardest Prey

  • Kill 1 snapper.

Also worth noting is that in this area there is a hidden chest with a recipe, as well as a bowl that you can urinate in (refer to the miscellaneous tasks section).

Take the lift (aka elevator) near the cliff to quickly ride down to Diego and Bloodwyn.

Give Bloodwyn the Wolf Tusk and the Snapper Meat.

Back in One Piece

  • Completed – Some Meat as a Debt.

Diego will instantly give you a new Quest: The Fire Signal and a Key to the tower.

Use the lift again and open the locked gate. Climb the broken tower and turn off the signal.

Speaking to Diego now ends the game. If you still have other achievements to get, now is the time for that. Once you’re ready, speak to Diego and choose to finish his quest.

The Gates are Open

  • Completed – The Fire Signal.

Your New Home

  • Finish the game.

If you have all other achievements, you should also get:

The Colony’s Expert

  • [Broken] Collect all achievement.

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