Godhood – Basic Guide

Mostly a picture gallery for reference but also has a basic rundown of the game.

Gameplay Basics

So when starting a new game you can customize your new god. In this menu, you can also choose additional settings by clicking the gear icon. For those that like to reload often, the seed resets each season so your battle results that day are generally predetermined.

After this, you can choose which of the current 4 commandments you wish to specialize in. Each commandment focuses on different stats/classes, and when starting out you’ll generally get your prophet of a fixed class w/ a random uncommon totem. Your other two disciples will tend to have a random common totem that fits one of your focused stats but can vary.

Once you have your 3 characters you can go out and go participate in sacraments aka battles. You won’t have control over their actions as they will select randomly from a “deck”(called mind) of 5 actions. Your team’s hp is “Religion HP” and each member has their own HP value independent of this meaning members can have more HP than your Religion HP. Wiping out the enemy’s Religion HP results in a win and a fixed miracle xp amount for the battle. Your first battle will give you class upgrades for each of your acolytes(non-specialized disciples), and you are able to choose any of the available classes; it is recommended, however, that you go for classes that ideally fit your religion and your disciple’s strengths. Once you obtain a miracle charge above the class upgrade, you’ll be able to enhance the stats of your disciple at a miracle building. Know that you can only perform a max of 5 miracles and there is no way to remove nor modify a previously-performed miracle.

In order to level up your religion level, you need followers. You can gain followers primarily either through rituals or through missions that reward followers. You can check what rewards you get from each tier by clicking on the magnifying glass on the upper right corner. Note that in your village you may only inspire 3 disciples at a time. Later on there will be more resource types like offerings(needed mostly for miracles), fanatics(used for building upgrades), sun shards(for ability points), and your commandment’s special resource(for unique miracle bonus). Rituals and sacraments all take up 1 season, and each year has 3 seasons.

At a certain point in the game you’ll also gain new initiates to recruit. As far as I’ve seen it can be up to 4 new initiates and up to rare(/purple) quality. You need enough worshipper support to hire them, so you may need to kick an existing disciple or level up to hire the new one.

In the world map, you can obtain certain rewards such as relics, new acolyte bonuses, or general stat buffs. The world map right now is the same so starting a new game will not give you a new map. One of the ways to win the game is by completing the final battle on the 4th and final big island.


  • 1,2,3,4: select which ritual you want to do.
  • Q: Map.
  • Spacebar: ends your turn.
  • Right-click: exits your ritual selection (to clarify, does not cancel a ritual once you’ve assigned someone).
  • Esc: main menu.

Example Build

For war, I used just the first three disciples w/ 2 executioners and 1 rage prophet. For this, you want to stack buffs on your hunter’s lodge before using up your miracles. Ideally you wait for your statue and a common might relic(use your rage prophet to help) w/ max upgrades before using their miracles. Also make sure they’re at happy or ecstatic. We’re mostly maxing out cunning and might so that we always start first and so our first turn will push out a lot of damage. Consider switching rage prophet for an executioner or other disciple early on when dealing w/ beast walkers.

Later down the line you’ll get Temple of War and with those upgrades you can switch to using miracles there instead(it says 8 seasons for the raid but it’s only 1). For perks you’ll be getting double rend raid for two free rends. for the rage prophet perk you can either get the defensive or crit one(the one i personally went for). If you also get the perk for the follow-up on an ally’s violent ability(bloodbath), you’ll often get a proc for additional war winds or war reapers, allowing you to win the sacrament potentially without the opponent doing anything. Your primary weakness is the beast walker as they can get one of their claw abilities in before the battle starts. The very final battle has one and can potentially one shot your rage prophet and/or your religion hp.

Character stats right before endgame battle:

Godhood - Basic Guide
Godhood - Basic Guide
Godhood - Basic Guide

Just an example of the rage prophet’s stat:

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