It’s a little sad when someone loses interest in a game they’ve invested a lot of time into. Everyone has a finite amount of time to spend on games, of course, and new games are always coming and going, but it does sting a bit when you lose part of your community. If you play Genshin Impact and have a friend who doesn’t play anymore, you’ve got a new chance to entice them back into the game. Here’s a guide for Genshin Impact’s “To the Stars Once More” event.

Rather than being an in-game event, To the Stars Once More is actually a web event facilitated through an external website miHoYo has set up. By logging onto this site with your Genshin Impact account, you can participate in the event. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been actively playing the game or have been away for a while. Though, in the latter case, there are a few requirements:

Returning Players must meet these requirements

  1. Be at least Adventure Rank 10.
  2. Been away from the game for at least 14 days.
  3. Activated the “Stellar Reunion” event in-game no less than 45 days ago.

The point of this distinction is to offer special rewards to entice those who have been gone a while, such as Primogems, Resin, and weapons.

Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More Event Guide

As for how the event actually works, it’s pretty simple: on the event page is a list of tasks. These tasks are mostly mundane in-game stuff like booting the game up, using Resin, completing Commissions, or clearing particular quests. With your account linked to the event page, you can mark these tasks as complete once you’ve done them in-game. These tasks will refresh every day.

Every cleared task increases your Exploration Energy meter, and with enough Exploration Energy, you can claim Exploration Gift Vouchers. Exploration Gift Vouchers can be spent on the event’s Gift Draw page to win all sorts of cool stuff. Not only can you get in-game currency like Primogems and Hero’s Wit, but you can also win real Genshin Impact merchandise like acrylic figures, mousepads, badges, and more! If you win a physical prize, you’ll be prompted for your address, and then the rewards will be sent out some time in July. Don’t worry, shipping’s free.

To the Stars Once More is scheduled to run from today, April 28th, until May 17th, with the Gift Draw page remaining open until May 20th. If you’re playing on mobile or PC, you should have already gotten an email with a link to the page, or you can just click here. If you’re playing on PS4 or PS5, you can access the event page in the Paimon Menu’s Mail section.