The Windblume Festival is officially underway, which means you’ve probably already paid a visit to Mondstadt. After Venti’s exceedingly long talk, you’ll get a quest to start off the first portion of the event, Ode to Flower and Cloud. In case you zoned out or have short-term memory loss, here’s a list of all the Genshin Impact ‘Ode to Flower and Cloud’ Venti answers for Troubles of Citizenry.

For this quest, you learn that Mondstadt is celebrating the Windblume Festival. Unfamiliar with the festival, you catch the festive fever nonetheless and take your first step toward understanding the event. You’ll need to listen to and solve the troubles of the citizenry of Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact: Ode to Flower and Cloud – Trouble of Citizenry Answers

Speak with each of the three citizens in the Mondstadt plaza to hear their troubles. You can find the answers below if you’re not sure about them.


Ellin is looking to give a gift to Master Jean, but she’s a bit uncertain about whether or not she should sign her name. Ellin thinks Jean will send a gift in return, but she doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary work.

  • I disagree; you should definitely sign your name.


Albert is a bit obsessed with Barbara, to the point where it’s creepy. He says he’s the head of the Barbara fan club, and he wants to build a giant flower statue in front of the church. 

  • Are you serious? You need to put a stop to all this immediately!


There’s someone Marvin likes, and he’s feeling conflicted about it. She’s from Springvale, and they have quite the thing for each other. Marvin’s father is strict, though, so Marvin isn’t sure how to get him to support his relationship. 

  • I think you should tell him. Be brave and seize the opportunity.