The Lost Riches event in Genshin Impact is nearing an end, and it’s about time to collect your remaining Iron Coins. Today, you have access to the Lost Riches Treasure Areas 13 and 14: Guyun Stone Forest and Mt. Aozang. To start things off, we’ll be heading down to Guyun Stone Forest in southeast Liyue. Here’s the Genshin Impact Lost Riches Treasure Area 13 Locations in Guyun Stone Forest.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Treasure Area 13 Locations in Guyun Stone Forest

You’ll find all the Iron Coin locations on the southern three islands in the group of islands in Guyun Stone Forest. There are three on the rightmost island, two in the center, and one on the leftmost island. Refer to the map below for the exact areas. Teleport to the Domain of Guyun for an easy run.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Treasure Area 13 Locations in Guyun Stone Forest

Make sure you are using your Treasure-Seeking Seelie and listening for the audio cue. The sound indicates that you are nearby a dig spot for Iron Coins. Slowly walk around and look for the glowing yellow beam coming out of the ground. Digging in that area will net you some Iron Coins, which you can use to buy things from the Event Shop.

The Treasure-Seeking Seelie does not work in combat, so make sure to destroy any mobs that aggro you, or run away from them, to continue your search. Once you find all seven Iron Coin spots, you can open up your Event Journal and head to the next location. You will be heading a bit north of Mt. Aozang next, for what looks like the final Treasure Area.

After completing today’s searches, head to Ulman at the Stone Gate and speak with him. You can also claim your items from the Event Shop by spending all your Iron Coins. You will likely have enough at this point to buy everything, as long as you’re all caught up.