Liben is back in Teyvat, and so is his Marvelous Merchandise. Genshin Impact veterans might be well familiar with this event already, but there’s probably some newcomers who don’t know the drill. The Marvelous Merchandise event is a seven-day event where travelers can exchange various ingredients with Liben for some fantastic rewards. Finding him every day can be a bit of a challenge, so put together this Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise event guide to help you out.

The Marvelous Merchandise Event runs from January 23 at 10 AM through January 30 at 3:59 PM.

Genshin Impact: Liben’s Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

Below you can find a day-by-day breakdown of Liben’s location and the ingredient required to get his Box o’ Marvels. 

Where to find Liben

Where is Liben today? Let’s find out where he is and take a look at his Daily Commission.

Day 1: January 23

Liben is in Mondstadt, and he will require 5 Apples, 5 Fowl, and 5 Sweet Flowers. In exchange, you can get three of each Teaching of Diligence, Prosperity, and Gold, along with 40 Primogems. Not a bad trade, if you ask me. Rewards may differ for other travelers, so you may want to ask your friends what their Box o’ Marvels contains. You can travel to their world and do it there, instead.

Day 2: January 24

Liben is still in the same spot as yesterday, but today he wants 5 Pinecones, 5 Sunsettias, and 5 Carrots. In exchange, he is offering 5 Teachings of Freedom, Resistance, and Ballad, along with 40 Primogems.

There are five total rewards you can claim, so we will update this guide daily with Liben’s location. Bookmark this page and check back often for more updates.