Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite Festival is underway at Liyue Harbor. Travelers can open up their events overview tab to find a few new Lantern Rite Tales available for completion. One of these quests is to help out at the Wanmin Restaurant since Chef Mao is busier than ever before. Here’s how to complete Keeping Wanmin’s Patrons Fed in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Keeping Wanmin’s Patrons Fed

To begin the Keeping Wanmin’s Patrons Fed quest, open up your events overview tab, and click on the Lantern Rite Tales option. Open up the second piece of mail, and accept the quest. You’ll start by heading over to the Wanmin Restaurant to check it out. The southern teleport point is right nearby the restaurant, so fast traveling there is a good option.

A timer will begin, during which you’ll need to deliver some food to Atsuko on the docks. You have about a minute to do so, so there’s no need to rush as it’s only a short walk away. Next, you’ll have to pay a visit to Guanhai, Wench Wang, and Zhihua to learn about their food preferences.

  • Guanhai: Squirrel Fish
  • Wench Wang: Bamboo Shoot Soup
  • Zhihua: Lotus Flower Crisp

Guanhai mentions he really loves the taste of fish, and it would be great if the fish was paired with some special flavor like sweet-and-sour. Out of the three options, Squirrel Fish is the obvious choice here.

Zhihua is planning to invite Qiming to release Xiao Lanterns later, so he wants something without fish or meat, but with a strong flavor. Something that comes to mind is a light pastry dish. From the three options, the suitable choice for Zhihua is the Lotus Flower Crisp.

Finally, Wench Wang says a nice hot soup with some crisp bamboo shoots will satisfy his hunger. Anything with meat is good enough for him, as he says. In that case, the best option for him is the Bamboo Shoot Soup.

After speaking with the three NPCs, you can return to Chef Mao at Wanmin and give him their orders. First, you’ll have to craft a Xiao Lantern, as is the theme of this event, and return it to Chef Mao. After giving him the Lantern, you will receive your quest reward of 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora, and 100 Festive Fever.