One of the new World Quests available in Genshin Impact 1.3 entails finding a treasure for a Liyue Harbor Adventurers’ Guild member named Lan. You can find Lan in Liyue Harbor next to Kathryne of the Adventurers’ Guild. Following the treasure trail can be a tad difficult if you’re not sure where to look. Here’s how to complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail in Genshin Impact.

The first step in this World Quest is locating the NPC. Lan is next to the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor. Pull up your map, and look for the compass icon. Run over there, and you should see Lan standing next to Kathryne! She should have a blue exclamation point above her head. If she doesn’t, you may need to progress through the main story quest.

How to Complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail in Genshin Impact - Lan Location

The quest rewards for Tianqiu Treasure Trail are:

How to Complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail in Genshin Impact

After obtaining the World Quest from Lan, you can head over to the waypoint east of Dunyu Ruins. Next to the waypoint, you’ll encounter a few appropriate world level hilichurls. Defeat them to obtain a Secret Treasure map. You can pull this up at any time by browsing the quest items tab of your bag.

As you’ll see on the map, you have to go to Dunyu Ruins to find the treasure. There’s a red X marking the exact location for you. Glide over there from your current location, and you’ll come across a small campsite. Next, you’ll have to investigate a Ruins Investigation Log next to the red tent and a Strange Note on the nearby stones.

You should then receive three clues for nearby treasures.

The Strange Note reads:

A Giant tree, flourishing and lush. Within, it holds a previous stash. Right in the middle, follow the road. Seek, and the riches shall be bestowed. With so many steps to climb for good measure, descend and you shall find the hidden treasure.

Head to each of the three locations highlighted in yellow on your map, and you will find three Exquisite Chests. A few enemies guard each chest, but none of them are too difficult. Loot the chests and return to Lan to complete the quest.