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The “Adrift in the Harbor” Event Wish is coming soon to Genshin Impact. Ganyu is the star of the show in the next upcoming featured character banner. The Cryo bow-wielder is accompanied by Xiangling, Noelle, and Xingqiu, meaning all four of these characters have increased drop rates. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Genshin Impact banner, including the release date and other details.

Genshin Impact: Ganyu Banner Release Date (Adrift in the Harbor)

Here’s the Genshin Impact Ganyu banner release date and details:

  • Start Date: January 12, 6:00 PM EST
  • End Date: February 2, 2:59 PM EST

Characters featured in the “Adrift in the Harbor” Event Wish include:

  • Plenilune Gaze Ganyu (Cryo)
  • Exquisite Delicacy Xiangling (Pyro)
  • Juvenile Galant Xinqiu (Hydro)
  • Chivalric BLossom Noelle (Geo)

During this event, the event-exclusive 5-star Ganyu gets a massive drop rate boost. Other 4-star characters Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Noelle also get a significant drop rate boost. The event-exclusive Ganyu will not be available in the Wanderlust Invocation (Standard Wish) Banner.

Epitome Invocation Banner

In addition to the Ganyu Banner, the Epitome Invocation Event also features a few weapons. It takes place during the same timeframe as the Ganyu banner and includes boosted drop rates for the following weapons:

  • Amos’ Bow (Bow)
  • Skyward Pride (Claymore)
  • Sacrificial Sword (Sword)
  • The Bell (Claymore)
  • Dragon’s Bane (Polearm)
  • Eye of Perception (Catalyst)
  • Favonius Warbow (Bow)

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