The Five Flushes of Fortune event is underway in Genshin Impact with the release of version 1.3. Over the next seven days, you’ll need to take various pictures of different objects around Teyvat. Each day, Ji Tong will assign you a new photo subject, a specific color. It’s your job to go looking for the right color items and take photos of them to help Ji Tong fix his Faulty Kamera. Our Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune event guide will help you out on your journey.

When you first speak to Ji Tong to begin the event, he’ll hand over his Fault Kamera to you. Open up your Gadget inventory, and equip it to your gadget bar. You can pull out the Kamera any time you find an item to photograph. The Kamera will automatically detect the object if it’s the right color, and you can click to take a photo of it. You cannot photograph the same thing twice, but you can photograph many different items of the same type.

Genshin Impact: Five Flushes of Fortune Event Guide

Here’s a walkthrough for each day of the event. We will update this section every day with a new list of items and a walkthrough.

Day 1 Photo Subject – Red Items

On day 1, you need to photograph ten Red Items out in the world. Here are some example things you can photograph to get credit for this part of the event:

If you want to knock this one out quick, you can travel to each of the two Statues of the Seven in Mondstadt. There’s a bunch of Windwheel Asters and Calla Lilies nearby. After getting your ten red items, head back to Ji Tong to get your reward.

Day 2 Photo Subject – Blue Creatures

Day two of the event asks travelers to photograph some blue creatures. A few mobs might immediately come to mind, specifically Slimes and Abyss Mages. Luckily, you can find a lot of these in eastern Mondstadt along the coast. The Oceanid mini-boss also technically counts as a blue creature. Finally, if you’re still having some trouble, head to Dragonspine. Most of the mobs in the new region are blue!

As a general tip, you may want to stand at a distance and zoom in with your Kamera to snap a picture. Getting too close will cause them to aggro you, and you won’t be able to snap a shot while in combat.

Here’s the list we’ve come up with to help you complete today’s mission:

  • Slimes
  • Abyss Mage
  • Oceanid
  • Cryo Regisvine
  • Coastal Crabs
  • Cryo and Hydro Hilichurls