The Lantern Rite Festival is in full effect in Genshin Impact, and there are plenty of new World Quests to complete. One of these quests is called Mondstadters in Liyue, and you’ll have to help out Freki and Geri, who are both getting a little homesick. For the third part of this quest, you’ll have to find somewhere to scatter Dandelion Seeds from a high vantage point. Here’s how to complete it, in case you’re having some trouble.

When you first start this World Quest in Liyue, you’ll want to make sure you have a Xiao Lantern and some Dandelion Seed available. You’ll have to hand over both of these items to the two NPCs, so it helps to have them on hand before beginning.

Genshin Impact: Find Somewhere to Scatter the Dandelion Seeds

The location to scatter the Dandelion Seeds is on top of the building with the greenish color roof. You may have some trouble getting on top of the area, though, since there’s no easy spot to climb. Make your way on top of the house with the blue roof adjacent to the marker location. From there, you can jump over to the proper building and climb your way up.

Genshin Impact: Find Somewhere to Scatter the Dandelion Seeds

Once you get on top of the roof, you can head to the peak and scatter the Dandelion Seed. From there, return to Freki and Geri to let them know you’ve done what they asked. After returning to them, the quest is complete. It’s a short one, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck on the minor details.

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