There are hundreds of quests available to complete in Genshin Impact, from Story Quests to World Quests and Commissions. Occasionally, you will come across the scenario when multiple quests involve different characters. When this happens, you may become locked out of specific tasks and receive the following error: “A character is currently involved in other quests.” It’s usually not an issue, but it can be frustrating and confusing if you’re trying to progress through the Main Story Quest.

If you find yourself in this scenario, you can do a few things to figure out what’s going on and fix it.

Genshin Impact: Character Involved in Other Quests Problem

Travelers receiving the error saying “a character is currently involved in other quests” can look at the journal’s bottom right. There should be a question mark icon to the right of the text. Tap on the question mark, and it will bring up a prompt in the middle of the screen. The prompt explain which character is busy and the name of the conflicting quest.

Genshin Impact: a character is currently involved in other quests

In the example above, we can see I’m trying to complete Butterfly’s Dream, Alatus Chapter: Act I. However, I cannot progress through the story because Verr Goldet of Wangshu Inn is currently busy with one of my daily Commission Tasks. To solve this problem, I’ll have to complete the daily commission, and then return to Verr Goldet to progress with the Main Story quest.

To sum it all up, if you are stuck on a quest because an NPC is busy, click on the question mark in your journal. You can then go ahead and complete the overlapping quest and be on your way. Small things like this can be confusing in Genshin Impact, but miHoYo usually thinks of everything and has a subtle way to resolve it. I hope this helps you out!