Genshin Impact Bamboo Shoots: Where To Find Them

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 has brought in a lot of new addition among which is a harvestable item Bamboo Shoots. Bamboo Shoots are primary ingredients for two recipes: Bamboo Shoot Soup and Triple-Layered Consomme. Similar to other items, you can find Bamboo Shoots in the wild across the world of Teyvat. However, there are a few specific locations where you can farm them more efficiently. Here are the best locations to find Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact.

Where to Farm Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact

The best locations to find Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact are to the southwest and east of the Qingce Village. You can find at least a handful of Bamboo shoots from these locations. They are found under the Bamboo Trees.

Bamboo Shoots to The Southwest of Qingce Village

Follow the main road to the southwest of the Qingce Village to easily find around 6 to 8 Bamboo Shoots. While exploring the area, look out for Bamboo Trees to the left and right side of the main road. Refer to the below image for help with the exact location.

where to farm bamboo shoots in genshin impact

Bamboo Shoots to The East of Qingce Village

Fast travel to the waypoint exactly to the east of the Qingce Village to find a few more Bamboo Shoots. The Shoots are located very close to the waypoint. Just look for the Bamboo Trees and find the Bamboo Shoots quickly. Refer to the below image for help with the exact location.

genshin impact bamboo shoots best locations

How to Use Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact

You can use Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact to prepare Bamboo Shoot Soup at Wangshu Inn and Triple-Layered Consomme at Liyue Harbor.

Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe

Bamboo Shoot Soup is a three-star food recipe that will help regenerate health when consumed. It restores anywhere between 26 to 30% of the selected character’s max HP. To prepare the recipe, you will first have to unlock the recipe by visiting the boss Ver Goldet at Wangshu Inn and interacting with her. Purchasing the recipe will cost you 5, 000 Mora. You will need the following items to craft Bamboo Shoot Soup once you have the recipe.

how to unlock bamboo shoot soup recipe in genshin impact

  • Bamboo Shoot x 1
  • Raw Meat x 2
  • Ham x 2

how to prepare bamboo shoot soup in genshin impact

Triple-Layered Consomme Recipe

Triple-Layered Consomme is a consumable food item that increases party members’ Shield Strength by 20% to 30% for 300 seconds. You will have to head to Liyue Harbor and interact with Chef Mao to unlock the recipe for 5, 000 Mora. Once it is unlocked, you can cook the recipe with the following ingredients.

how to unlock triple-layered consomme recipe in genshin impact

  • Haunch of Meat x 2
  • Ham x 2
  • Bamboo Shoot x 1
  • Mushroom x 1

how to prepare triple-layered consomme in genshin impact

That’s everything you need to know about what are the best locations to find Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact. Apart from the Bamboo Shoots, Update 1.1 has also brought in another new item called Condensed Resin. Condensed Resin can help you double the number of rewards you get for Ley Line Blossoms and Petrified Trees in Domains, thereby increasing your farming efficiency.

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