Generation Zero – Detection Guide for Dummy's

In this guide i will tell you how to avoid detection on all types of enemy’s you could encounter.


One major aspect implemented to the game is weather. Weather can change the tide of your hunt or loot missions.Rain could hit any any time while rain does limit your sight it does the same to your enemy use rain to assist when avoiding enemy’s over attacking them.

Fog,Fog is a great change to combat it can be used in many different ways it further limits your sight just like rain does but harder fog is a great tool to use when hunting for loot and hunting robots mainly tanks and harvesters.

Snow,Snow limits your sight about as much as rain does not very much while adding a beautiful atmosphere it can give you the same advantages rain does.

Now depending on the time of day or night each weather type becomes harder for the to be detected and for you to detect the enemy.

Generation Zero - Detection Guide for Dummy's

Day and Night

The time of day also effects your detection rate.

Day – While during the day the enemy’s vision is the clearest same goes for you this is subject to change depending on the weather and rather it is early morning or evening.

Night – Being in the dark can be a welcoming thing while you are better in the shadows this will get in the way of your sight as well as the robots.Most players use their flashlights around while this does solve your light problem it makes you stand out and easier to see than not using it. It’s recommended to install night vision on your weapon or binos.

Generation Zero - Detection Guide for Dummy's


In the event that you find yourself being hunted running is always an option.Running does have it’s problems an enemy will follow you relentlessly until it finds you but if you loop some building corners and wait most of the time you will lose the hunt and avoid combat.

Generation Zero - Detection Guide for Dummy's

It is possible to avoid contact and combat of every robot the hardest being hunters as the can sprint and catch up to you easily and harvesters being easy as they are slow.

In a case that you need to run from a hunter or tank its best to outrun it through the forest hiding in a building will prompt the enemy to stalk the area and fire tear gas into the building.
Now if the don’t have building’s to run to or corners running over hills and streams and lying low in bushes and ditches you will sometimes be able to lose the enemy that way.
Trees and log piles provide a barrier to enemy sights aswell.

Generation Zero - Detection Guide for Dummy's


All enemy’s will respond to noise footsteps,guns,explosions it’s best to keep a firefight to an open area and as remote as possible.One fight can lead to more robots responding.

Many distractions can be used to lure the enemy away from an area flares and firecrackers are a good choice for sight responses.

Boomboxes are good for stand alone deployable distractions.

Using boomboxes along with times firecrackers can scatter the enemy or lead them to an important killzone. Using these methods is a great way to form a surgical strike on a small platoon or heavy firepower.

Generation Zero - Detection Guide for Dummy's

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