GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – Save File Location and Restoring Backups (Transporting Saves)

This guide explains how to restore a backup save, move files to another computer, or access your savegames.

How to Find Save Files

This is a very quick guide on where to find the save files for this game and how to restore a backup.

I recently came across a drive issue and lost my save file completely, cloud sync also failed to restore it.

Save files on Windows are located in:

  • Store

Just paste this into the explorer bar or run box (Win + R) to open the save file location.

Your most recent backup is kept in ‘My Documents’ under the folder name ‘GCFW-backup1’.

Your next most recent backups are kept in ‘My Documents’ under the folder name ‘GCFW-backup2’.

Hope this helps you if your game files gets deleted or becomes corrupt.

Simply replace the files in the save location with one of the backup files, ensuring that if necessary you change the backup files name to be the save as the file you plan to replace.

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