Image via Riot Games

For most of the last decade, Gambit Esports stood as the face of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) League of Legends. The organization has recently announced that they will terminate the Gambit Esports’ LoL activities. This cancellation signifies a historical and competitive loss for not only the CIS but also for international esports.

Gambit Esports (formerly Gambit Gaming) were the gatekeepers to the upper level of CIS esports. Starting on the wrong foot, Gambit Esports could barely move past the first round of playoffs. Notable names such as Alex Ich and Diamondprox helped put the team on the map of dangerous opponents.

However, within the past year, Gambit Esports has found tremendous success in various tournaments, taking the gold medal in 11 of 21 tournaments they participated in since 2020. The retiring of such a historic giant is a great loss to the community, but its legacy to cement the reputation of the CIS internationally cannot be understated.