G2 Esports and Fnatic matches always seem to deliver some nailbiting action. G2 managed to come out on top in this one against Fnatic in the Week 7 LEC best of one matchup.

The player of the game goes to Jankos in this match.

G2 vs. Fnatic LEC Week 7 BO1 Results

FNC 6-11-19 vs 11-6-36 G2
Bwipo sett 2-3-4 TOP 0-1-9 janna Wunder
Selfmade gragas 1-2-5 JNG 1-3-9 olaf Jankos
Nemesis yasuo 1-2-3 MID 4-1-3 akali PERKZ
Rekkles kaisa 2-1-3 BOT 6-0-4 ezreal Caps
Hylissang rakan 0-3-4 SUP 0-1-11 yuumi Mikyx

One situation turned the match when Jankos ended up in the center of a team fight.

After this moment, G2 started to gain some momentum and some great healing from Yuumi and Janna sealed the deal. G2 Esports has now proven to be the best LoL team in Europe.

LoL LEC Standings After Week 7