Fortnite: Where to Find Pipeman, Hayman, Timber Tent Locations

There is a new slew of challenges to complete in Fortnite. These challenges range from simple to more complex. On the simpler side of things is the dancing at three locations: Pipeman, Hayman, and Timber Tent. To help you find theses locations use the Pipeman, Hayman, Timeber Tent locations guide below.

Pipeman, Hayman, Timber Tent Map Locations

Image showing the Pipeman, Hayman, Timber Tent Map Locations.

The map above highlights the locations of all three things you need to dance at in order to complete this challenge. If you need more nuanced directions, each location is highlighted with a picture below. Check them out.

Pipeman Location

Image showing the Pipeman location in Fortnite Battle Royale.

You can find the Pipeman statue on the southside of the mountain looking out towards the ocean. This mountain is located to the south of the Misty Meadows. When you reach the Pipeman, be sure to dance to complete this portion of the objective.

Hayman Location

Image showing the Hayman location in Fortnite Battle Royale.

To the southwest of Frenzy Farm you will find the Hayman. As the name suggests this art piece is a man made out of hay. The Hayman can be seen waving. Go up to it and bust a move to clear this objective.

Timber Tent Location

Image showing the location of the Timber Tent in Fortnite.

The Timber Tent can be found to the south of Sweaty Sands on a small hill overlook a pond. As the name suggests the Timber Tent is a collection of timber that has been leaned together to form a sort of tent. Be sure to dance here to complete this objective.

Once you’ve danced at all the location listed above you will complete this challenge. There are a number of other challenges to complete, so keep it locked to Hold To Reset to help you complete them. Thanks for reading.

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