Another week of Fortnite, another set of epic challenges. This time around, we have a multi-stage quest to visit a few houses. For the first part of this challenge, we’ll need to visit a few houses in Slurpy Swamp. The catch is that it needs to be done in a single match, so you’re going to need to plan your route. Here’s how to visit houses in Slurpy Swamp in one match in Fortnite.

As you know, there’s a lot of houses in Slurpy Swamp. You might be wondering if it matters which houses give you credit for this quest. We have a little trick to help you out on this one. So, avoid the crowds with our route, and let’s get going.

Fortnite: How to Visit Houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match

To complete this quest, head to the area west of Slurpy Swamp near the coastline. You might be surprised to learn that these houses do, in fact, give you credit for this challenge. Best of all, not many people know about this yet. You won’t have to worry about getting killed while doing your three house visits.

As you glide into this area, you’ll see a bunch of wooden shacks. The nice thing about these “houses” is that they’re small. You can complete the entire quest in about twenty seconds by walking in and out of the shacks. All you need to do is walk in the front door and back out again to get credit.

After visiting three houses, a prompt pops up saying you completed the “Visit houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match” quest. Your reward for this one is 20,000 XP, as is the case with all Epic Quests.

Another one of this week’s challenges is to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands in Fortnite. Check out our guide on that if you haven’t completed that one yet. Good luck out there, and have fun grinding that Battle Pass XP and claiming your rewards!