Fortnite is featuring a new skin in the in-game shop today for April Fools’ Day. The Diamond Hanz skin pays homage to the increasingly popular WallStreetBets subreddit, which was the center of attention earlier this year as GameStop shares skyrocketed in an unprecedented event. Here’s a look at the Fortnite Diamond Hans skin and Gains back bling, part of the ‘To The Moon!’ set.

Fortnite‘s ‘To The Moon!’ set features a rare Gains back bling and the rare Diamond Hanz outfit. You can pick up both of these cosmetics for 1,200 Vbucks. The outfit is based on the popular ‘stonks only go up’ meme and references the term ‘Diamonds Hands.’

If you have no idea what that means, having ‘Diamond Hands’ refers to buying a stock and never selling, even if you have a massive drawdown. Paper Hands, on the other hand, are weak-handed individuals who panic and sell at a loss. Stock traders on the WSB subreddit popularized this term, even though it’s been around long before the community’s existence. 

Open up your Fortnite and head to the in-game shop to check out the To The Moon! set while it lasts. Pick up the Diamond Hanz skin and the Gains back bling for 1200 Vbucks to show your support for holding the line.

‘Buy! Hodl! Win!’ with the Diamond Hanz and Gains back bling.