As you already know, Fortnite Chapter 2 has finally arrived and there are plenty of new challenges to keep everyone busy. The Alter Ego challenge set will get you some nice cosmetic rewards for completing some tasks.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Alter Ego Challenges

The full list of Alter Ego challenges along with their rewards can be found below. They are all multi-step challenges, so don’t expect to be done with them in one fell swoop.

Challenge Reward
Stage 1: Reach Tier 1
Stage 2: Complete 2 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Riptide (Alter Ego Style for Turk Vs Riptide)
Stage 1: Reach Tier 1
Stage 2: Complete 3 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Hazard (Alter Ego Style for Hazard Vs Journey)
Stage 1: Reach Tier 20
Stage 2: Complete 4 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Sludge (Alter Ego Style for Rippley Vs Sludge)
Stage 1: Reach Tier 40
Stage 2: Complete 5 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Toxin (Alter Ego Style for Remedy Vs Toxin)
Stage 1: Reach Tier 60
Stage 2: Complete 6 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Scratch (Alter Ego Style for 8-Ball Vs Scratch)
Stage 1: Reach Tier 80
Stage 2: Complete 7 Missions
Stage 3: TBC
Chic (Alter Ego Style for Cameo Vs Chic)
Stage 1: Collect FORTNITE Letters
Stage 2: TBC
Stage 3: TBC
Chapter 2 Season 1 Secret Skin