For the Second Time Destiny 2 Suffers Currency and Materials Bug

Today Bungie, as they typically do, pushed a new update to Destiny 2 that included things like the new Crimson Days seasonal event. This sort of update is not unusual for the always online title, but the outcome of the update is. Two weeks ago the weekly update Bungie pushed out caused Guardians to lose various in-game currencies for some inexplicable reason. This resulted in about a day’s worth of game downtime and a rollback on players accounts. After what appeared to be a fix it appears the currency bug is back once again. This marks the second time in the past few weeks that Destiny 2 has experienced extended unannounced down time.

Update (12:15 PM PST)

Bungie has now announced that they have identified the issue causing the loss of materials and currencies. To combat this bug they will be rolling back player accounts to the state they were in at 8:30 AM PST. Maintenance to deal with the problem is expected to last until 7:00 PM PST. Original story follows below.

Currency and Materials Disappearing for Guardians

Two weeks ago the Destiny 2 update resulted in the loss of currency and materials for Guardians who loaded into the game. This week’s update has led to the same bug rearing its head once again. As of the time of writing this article, Destiny 2 is currently offline. Updates on the status of the game are being provided on the Bungie Help Twitter account (see tweet above).

With the current end of Season of Dawn approaching, these periods of downtime have been causing some headaches for current players. It remains to be seen how long addressing this issue will take, but I will update this post as more information comes out.

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