Farm Together – How to Recycle Farm

Recycling your farm: how to do it, what you lose, what you keep, and anything else you might need to know.

How to Recycle Your Farm

Open your farm. Escape to farm menu, then Farm Settings, then Recycle Whole Farm. You’ll be asked to confirm that you really want to do this!

What You Lose, Keep, etc.

Recycling removes plots, animals, trees, flowers, fish ponds, and decorations. You keep all your farm levels, plant levels, character levels, Medals, Money, Diamonds, and Tickets. You also keep homes, as they must be manually recycled; their contained furnitures stay, and land expansions will also stay. Guestbooks with signatures stay. Market Agency and any extra quests stay as well. Any tables you have, you will keep as well as their levels.

Important Note: As all your stalls and shops will be sold, be sure to sell all harvest resources such as fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuggets, etc. Stated post-recycle limit is 20 of each item. If you have a warehouse, then there’s 50 additional storage for each of its level because the warehouse also adds on to your 20 base resources limit (normally when you recycle, you will go back to 20 resources because you don’t have any buildings with storage).

Any event items that others place on your farm (e.g. from previous events) will also be lost when the farm is recycled. Meaning that if it’s something you don’t have unlocked already, you won’t be able to re-place it once you have recycled your farm. An example would be the Pot O’ Gold well item from the Lucky Harvest event.

Any temporary event exclusive crops, fish, etc. will be removed. An example of this is the Sardines from the Fishing Event, as they are only available as a crop for buying and placing during the duration of the event. If you recycle after the event is over, you will have to wait for the next Fishing Event to “re-plant” them.

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