Fallout 76 – How to Fix Vertical Sync

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This guide is mainly to help those become aware of the better ways that you can use v-sync through Nvidia. This guide can also fix you refresh rate being cut in half.

Guide to Fix Vertical Sync in Fallout 76

Step 1

  • Go to your desktop and right click.
  • Near the body of the text you should see “NVIDIA Control Panel’
  • Open it.
  • If you do not see NVIDIA Control Panel, then you have to download it from the Microsoft store. Yes you have to, you can’t get it anywhere else.

Step 2


  1. Over clocking your monitor, on the left of the window you should see “Change Resolution”, click on it.
  2. Next, under the resolution options select customize and Create Custom Resolution.
  3. If you have a 60Hz monitor and want to safely overclock, only go up 10 to 15 Hz, I would recommend going up to 10 then to 15 to see if there are any side effects.

For me my monitor was able to over clock from 75Hz to 90Hz and has been safely set at 90Hz for nearly 2 years now.

Make sure to enable and apply the resolution settings, it should be at the top when you scroll.

Alright now this:

  1. Go to Manage 3D settings, located above Change Resolution.
  2. Select the Program Setting tab to only set the vsync for Fallout 76.
  3. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. Change the vertical sync to ON or FAST (fast basically allows for uncapped fps but also acts like vsync with reduced input lag).
  5. Lastly, press Add and you should be done.

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