Fallout 76 – Beginner's Guide 2020

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A guide created for people who intend to start the adventure with the game 🙂

How is It with This Fallout?

Bad opinion about F76

Probably a lot of people who read this guide have heard many negative opinions about Fallout 76, yes, there was a time when even I did not believe that it could be done, that this game would be good someday, that it would be fixed, that this game it will just work normally, and yet … succeeded, the developers seriously approached the subject and, despite the powerful hate in their direction from the game, which at the beginning was wrong, they made Fallout, which many were waiting for.

Contrary to what some foreign and Polish editorial teams write, a lot of people play in F76, just start the game and the game will find a world for us in which the whole map is filled with players (the limit of people per world is 20) and all in 2- 4 seconds, I will only add that there is no option for you to find the same people. Last month (March 2020) 25,853 people had fun in the game (data from the playercounter website) and the game just debuted on Steam so there will be even more players!


I have the game from the very premiere, the beginnings were really difficult and tiring, bugs, poor optimization and of course frequent mistakes in the game. However, every time I started the F76 there was an update, small, bigger and I have to admit that with each week we played better and better. After a month of the game, only a few had problems and after two months the game was fully playable, of course there are still FPS drops but only when someone has a not very good pc or just when a big update comes out and the servers are overloaded. As for bugs, they were practically eliminated to 0. Later it was only better, sometimes of course it was heard about controversial bans, but hey, why somebody poke in admin stuff?


When it comes to negative feedback, there are still people who whine because: the game is multi and there is no single , do you want to play solo? ok, no one forces you to play with others, there are those who don’t like the fact that is a premium currency , you don’t want to spend money? YOU DO NOT NEED! Atoms, i.e. the premium currency, can be easily obtained in the game, all you have to do is do simple tasks that are in the game menu, e.g. kill 10 rats, etc. etc, okay, but there is 1St this subscription, I DON’T WANT A SUBSCRIPTION ! you don’t have to – you can have everything in it for free in the game, I recommend the subscription to people who play in large groups, e.g. 7 people and more, then you can buy a subscription to play on private server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a subscription in F76? – There is a subscription in the game, but it is absolutely not required, “1St” is only useful for people who play in large groups, e.g. 8 people and more, then I recommend this subscription.

Is there P2W in F76? –  So think only people who have never played this game, there is absolutely no P2W in the game, the premium currency can be earned without even spending a DOT, what’s more purchased with Atoms (premium currency) never affect the game.

Is it possible to get a ban in the game for nothing? – Bans in F76 were very loud, people were crying because they were always banned, as well as for other Bethesda games, but did they say why it happened ? Of course not, the easiest way is to blame all the blame on the creators. These people were banned because they stole items that were not available in the game, published them on the web and boasted that they were just rummaging in admin’s stuff on the server, should this be done? of course not. Another case was harassing players or just using cheats in the game. I’ve been playing since the premiere, my friends have been playing since the premiere and we never got any ban or even a warning.

Can other players kill me in F76? – Only in PvP mode but it has been turned off and has not been available for several months. The player can kill you then, if someone sets a prize for you in the form of Bottle Caps, then anyone can kill you, but players don’t do it often.

Is the world in F76 big? – It is big enough and most importantly it doesn’t get boring, even if you were at the beginning of the game somewhere and you think that you will not go back there, you are wrong because here virtually every building, property, basement or factory has something to offer, hides something, and even if at the beginning of the game a building is blocked, after a while you can go back to it to see what’s inside.

Are there collectables, easter eggi, hidden objects in the game? – Of course, yes! and there are plenty of them, starting with references to the previous parts of the fallout through painting to weapons and armor, and ending with powerful Power Armor in Nuca Cola color or extremely rare weapons in golden skin! Hidden objects are full and sometimes you have to use different ways to get to them.


Fallout 76 Game Modes

Adventure (PvE)

The main game mode is where you can easily explore the whole world without worrying that someone will stick a scythe in the back;)

In this mode you can meet other players, but none of them harms you, unless you have been rude and someone will set a prize for your head in the form of Bottle Caps! then well, anyone can kill you, but you don’t lose all your things, usually they are parts or materials, while weapons, clothes and armor as well as ammunition remain in your inventory.

In this mode your C.A.M.P. it cannot be destroyed, unless someone is a cheater, then it’s best to leave the server and search for a new one, your character along with the entire camp will move to the new server;)

What if we die? well then you lose only the least needed things, if an enemy kills you, a small bag with dropped items falls out of you, of course you can recover them, but you have to return to the same place (the marker will show you exactly where you died).

Survival Beta (PvP)

This mode currently does not work, it was in beta, but players preferred the PvE mode, therefore the developers decided to suspend it until further notice.

How was it different from the Adventure mode? anyone could kill you and also destroy your C.A.M.P. you lost almost all your stuff, but if you killed someone, you received various bonuses.

As I mentioned, a small interest in this mode caused its suspension and it is not present in the game menu, therefore currently there is no PvP mode in the game, maybe it will appear sometime.

Nuclear Winter (Battle Royale)

You see the inscription “Battle Royale” and think “meh”, “ehh” but …. not this time! interest in this mode is really considerable, even critics appreciated it, and the game developers surprised by very positive opinions decided to leave this mode permanently and develop it.

What is this about?

Nuclear Winter mode is in some sense Fallout 76 condensed to a game lasting about 20 minutes. Nuclear Winter combines the competitive battle royale style with gameplay mechanisms present only in Fallout – from power armor and profit cards to C.A.M.P. and creatures that live in the wilderness. Many of these elements have been adapted to the new game mode and map size, including statistics of armaments, armor and ashes. It is possible to transfer characters from adventure mode to Nuclear Winter, but its level will not affect the amount of damage dealt or received. Everyone starts the game with equal chances. To increase damage and strengthen your protection, you must obtain weapons and armor during the game.

What does this mode give us?

Players can complete challenges in Nuclear Winter to earn rewards – new cosmetic items or items to use in the workshop – can be used by any character in any mode. Under the watchful eye of the ZAX 51 Vault computer, you’ll gain more authorization levels that will give you even more bonuses – including unique cosmetic items such as profile icons, C.A.M.P. plans or power armor skins. By increasing your authorization level, you will also receive profit cards, but the profit cards unlocked in Nuclear Winter cannot be transferred to other modes. I will add that getting premium currency or Atoms is also in this mode, e.g. kill player = 40 Atoms etc.

Private World

Optional game mode available to users with a 1St subscription. It is really a map / world transferred from the main game mode to the private server so we can edit some of its elements. Probably the limit of this server is up to 8 people, however, I have seen videos where players have exceeded this limit so I am not able to give the exact limit of players.

Who is this mode for?

If you have a large number of friends and ordinary servers are not enough for you then one of you can buy an optional 1St subscription. and invite friends to a private server, as well as personalize it when you leave it, the game world will save itself in the state you left it.



Do you want to buy a rifle? maybe some armor or just riding? well, if you don’t have materials / parts then you will need Caps! it is the main currency of the game, thanks to them you can buy every single item from any seller, you can also sell your own items to earn some Caps. Caps are found almost everywhere, but almost always in most buildings, e.g. on crates, boxes, regiments, countertops, compartments, trunks, etc. but also fall from opponents, almost everyone in smaller or larger numbers.


The second currency is the premium currency, so-called Atoms, this currency is obtained by completing tasks that are in our Game Menu, tasks look different, e.g. kill 5 Ghuli or visit a city. Premium currency can also be bought for real money, but there is no point in doing it because after a week of playing we can afford the most expensive item in the Atomic Store, i.e. a premium store, e.g. skin for the 1300 Atom Power Armor, after a week of the game everyone can buy it if of course will be involved in the game 🙂

Atomic Store

A premium store that is only used to buy cosmetic items, e.g.

  • Weapon skins.
  • Armour.
  • The appearance of our camp.
  • Our character’s appearance.
  • Icons, avatars, photo frames that we’ll do on the game.

(None of the above items affects the game!)

The store also has two types of things that affect the game, but small.

  • Processing set.
  • Repair kit.

The first one converts our things into pieces and sends them back to our camp (useful if you have very little space in eq) I used it only once and I think that it is not worth spending atoms on something like this.

The repair kit is a good option if we are still in the field or if there are no parts to repair the equipment outside our camp, if our weapon or armor is damaged, we can use the kit to repair the damaged item, I personally do not use it, but still it is worth having a few such sets with you;)

What is worth buying in the Atomic Store?

The assortment is constantly changing, today it is, and tomorrow it is gone;)

However, now looking at the current items in the store it is definitely worth buying a Kolektron, it will collect various trash for you in the area of your camp, so if you are in the field, he will be looking for such things, and after returning you can simply pick up from his station.

At the moment, probably nothing more noteworthy, is full of skins and various things for the appearance of your camp, so if you want to embellish it, I recommend you buy any “package / set” and not separate things, but it will not affect the game, I warn you that such sets are usually expensive, and each of these things can be created for free, just buy or find schematics for them.


To be able to play F76 we have to create a character, I will skip the character creator because there is nothing special about it, let’s get to the most important things.


Perks are the most important element of the game, their selection and selection is very important because it depends on him whether our character will be strong, resistant or simply weak by choosing the wrong perks …

Perks have the appearance of a card, each one is different from each other, they also have specific categories together forming the so-called S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

We get them according to this scheme: levels 4, 6, 8, and 10, and then every 5 levels, 15, 20 etc. ..

On the Internet you can find a lot of guides that suggest which build is the best but none of them is 100% so good, why? it’s simple, every single person is RANDOMLY perks, so there is no option for each level to have the same perks as others, it is random, so for example the card “you can eat poisoned food” will fall out to a person with level 10 but someone else may need much more time, which is why new characters are created so often and start again to draw perks that have not been obtained before.


  • Strength – Affects damage from melee attacks and the weight that can be carried in the inventory.
  • Perception – Increases accuracy when using the VATS system and allows better detection of sneaking enemies.
  • Stamina – Affects the health level and the number of Action Points (for running, hitting).
  • Charisma – Affects prices during trading and increases rewards from group quests. It also allows you to share cards.
  • Intelligence – Affects hacking as well as the quality of created items and the amount of resources from processing.
  • Agility – Increases the precision of moves, helps you to creep and use VATS more often.
  • Happiness – Affects the state of loot gained and reduces the time of critical hits renewal.

What do Perks give?

A lot, ranging from radiation resistance or poisoned food and ending with powerful bonuses for our character such as dealing much more damage or resistance to damage dealt by opponents. They can be combined in many ways so it is so hard to say which set is the best, everyone can create their own and it will be good if we adjust the perks wisely.

Assigning Perks

This is not an easy choice and I can’t give you ready money, it won’t work for me and you don’t necessarily need to, only from experience I can say that people below level 30 should not spend perks on Power Armor, you won’t need them as much really, I have 3 characters and I can say that it’s worth assigning perks to your own character, i.e. damage resistance, damage, radiation resistance or less food. In my opinion, you can start spending Perks only after level 30, then you may need them, but without it you can also do it if you spend Perks on your own. I also do not recommend “luck” and “figurines” cards, they don’t bring much benefits and there is no big difference, when it comes to figurines themselves, they only give you boost for a limited time, however, allocating perks doesn’t make much sense.

Character health and endurance

As in any other survival, our character has health here, it will decrease when the endurance bar reaches 0, but for this to happen before the food or drink bar must be 0, if we do not eat something quickly or drink it for nothing stimpack because sooner or later we will die anyway. Our HP will also drop if we take damage from an enemy, poison us with food or any other substance. To heal we can use Stimpack or plants with healing effects or any item that restores HP. To complete the food bar you have to …. eat.

Completing the belt a little differently * our strength, when we run, its value decreases, so to complete it we need to just rest, while we are irradiated, a given part of our belt will change to red and then this amount is blocked for our character , for example, if the red color or radiation reaches half of our band, and parasites appear in our body, which absorb a lot of water and food, our character gets tired -> we have less endurance -> our HP decreases because we lack food -> if we we won’t heal -> we’re dying.

Of course, there is a way to get rid of radiation quickly, just use an antibiotic called ANTIRAD , it can also be diluted. It’s easy to find, however, it should be remembered that it will increase our thirst, so we will have to drink a drink right away 🙂

Character load capacity

Load capacity is a very important element of the game, it depends on how many items, things and garbage we can take with us. At the beginning it will not be that easy, so I recommend increasing the lifting capacity through the perks that are used for this, such perks will be in the Strength category and should be available before level 10, so you should choose it so that the lifting capacity is increased, e.g. garbage weighs about 30% less, weapons up to 40% etc.

There are other ways to increase the lifting capacity, for example, Power Armor, which significantly increases the lifting capacity, however, only when we are wearing it, I will write about it later in the guide, you can also create your own backpack, but this requires us to do quite a lot of “Scout” tasks, which are not the easiest ones, so it’s easiest to simply use the “lifting capacity” perks.

Another important element is our endurance, if we exceed the limit of our lifting capacity our character is tired, can not run, can not teleport can not jump, then we are simply exposed to injury because as soon as food falls down, our HP will fall immediately. To remedy this, we need to remove the previously mentioned Power Armor from the inventory or simply find a workshop quickly in which we can convert materials and garbage into various parts, thanks to which our lifting capacity will be much smaller.


In F76 we can also sneak, if we silently approach the opponent and shoot or hit him, we will receive a large amount of bonus to the damage inflicted on him. Sneaking at the beginning will not be that easy, you have to get the right perks to let your character learn to sneak really quietly and without any detection. I highly recommend using such perks because if you don’t have too much equipment, stealth will be most useful to you.


Did I mention that there is a perk after which you become invisible and immediately disappear from the view of enemies? no? so it’s worth explaining, this perk is really great because when you run away from something and your HP is small for example or you just know you don’t have a chance with your opponent, then this perk comes to your aid, just stop in place and your character disappears for a certain number of seconds, even 2 seconds is enough for your opponent to give up the pursuit. You can get such perks above level 10, but I won’t tell you exactly when it happens because the perks system is random, as I wrote above.

When can the enemy detect me?

The opponent will only detect you if:

  • You are not sneaking (walking or running).
  • You will come too close to her.
  • Hears a shot (applies to weapons that do not have a silencer).
  • Your stealth ability is too low.
  • Your character has exceeded capacity.

️Power Armor


There are his supporters and opponents, although it is on every cover of the “Fallout” series of games, in F76 the creators went a different way and gave us a choice, Power Armor may be useful to you, but … it doesn’t have to be. I did an experiment creating a new character in which I hardly used PW and I have to admit that I didn’t see any difficulties getting to the given place or killing the given opponent. I needed the PW when I was going to bring a large amount of weapons, parts, materials to the camp, then it was very useful to me because it increases the load capacity, but when it comes to opponents … I was running in a space suit and light armor created by me, but not I encountered some problems with killing someone, only after level 30 did I put him on to complete a mission, which was difficult, but as soon as I finished it, I took the PW off and I didn’t have any problems, probably if I played on this character I would probably use it again in some difficult mission However, I think that up to level 30 you can easily play without it, therefore I do not recommend spending perks on it for this level because it is unnecessary, but of course I respect the opinion of people who do that, the most important is to find your own style and have satisfaction from game 🙂

How Power Armor works

Power Armor is needed for people who go to remote areas and expect a threat or simply want to take a large amount of weapons / materials / garbage with them. It is worth noting, however, that it is useful only when we have Fusion Cores , it is simply a power supply for the proper operation of our armor, if we do not have them, it will not give us anything, it will be nothing just useless.


  • Significantly increases load capacity.
  • Increase melee damage (depends on Armor type).
  • Protects our character against damage (depends on the type of Armor).
  • It absorbs our character from falling (we take almost no damage).
  • Allow you to stay underwater longer if you have a helmet on.


  • You need a lot of Fusion Cores (it’s not always easy to get them).
  • Repair costs a lot of parts.
  • Repair requires a special Repair Station for Power Armor (you have to create it in the camp or find one outside it).

Armor power supply (Fusion Cores)

For our armor to function properly, it must not only be in good condition, but above all it must have the aforementioned Fusion Core . How to get it or maybe create it yourself? If you are just starting the adventure with the game, I do not recommend playing this core because it is not only time consuming but requires resources that are very hard to get at low levels. I recommend simply visiting the places where these Cores are located, they are either in the middle of the armor in any workshop that has a Repair Station for Power Armors or in yellow machines, however, it should be remembered that these cores are not fully charged, they will work but just a large amount is needed. I refer you to this video, which shows where to look for these cores:

If you get them, all you need is that they will be in your inventory, when you enter the Power Armor, the character will automatically complete them, and when you are inside, the number of cores owned and energy will be displayed when the given core ends, if the indicator reaches 0 then another one will be added automatically.

Now a warning, if you run out of Cores, then everything that the PW offers will not work, it also means that if you were previously loaded, all the weight that was placed in your armor WILL YOU EQUIPMENT ! what then? you can’t almost move, jump, run and teleport to your own camp, and then well, you have to say goodbye, throw something away, until you overload and you don’t exceed the limit.

️Power Armor Types and Their Locations

Types of Power Armor:

  • Raider: The simplest power armor (from level 15).
  • Excavator: Low protection against the environment and against enemies.
  • T-45: Low-medium protection, gives advice on medium opponents.
  • T-51: High protection, but has little protection against ambient radiation and irradiated opponents.
  • T-60: High protection, very well balanced Armor, medium radiation protection.
  • Ultracite: High protection, low demand for energy used, well protects against radiation.
  • X-01: Highest protection, very low energy demand, very good protection against radiation.

Where to find them?

You can get it in the task where we just have to create it in a special workshop, but if you want to have it earlier, here you are, here is a map where individual W. Armors occur, if you have problems finding them, just enter the location in the search engine from the place where this PW is located and add Power Armor.

Weapons and Ammo

In Fallout 76 we have quite a lot of weapons, you can create them manually or you can buy them in the shop for Caps (not Atomic Store). The arsenal below is not full because many weapons are hidden in the game, and some I just haven’t met yet.

Types of weapons:

  • Pistols: Single Action Revolver, Pipe Revolver, Pipe Pistol, Laser Pistol, Flintlock Pistol, Magnum 44.
  • Rifles: Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Black Power Rifle, Assault Rifle.
  • Machine guns: MG42, M2 Browning.
  • Shotguns: Combat Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun.
  • Heavy weapons: Flamer, Harpoon Gun, Grenade Launcher.
  • Melee weapons: Forks, sickle, wrench.

Creating your own weapon

To create new weapons and improve them you will have to enter your own C.A.M.P. (more about him later in this guide) If you have the right resources and plans, you can craft a given weapon. You can upgrade your hand-made weapon any way you like, and the more you rework it into pieces (destroy it), the more you unlock its accessories! e.g. crosshair, silencer or handle and each of these parts has an impact on the gameplay e.g. crosshair = better range, handle = more stable recoil. You can also find such equipment in chests and workshops, it may even fall out from opponents, if you find such equipment you will not need plans, but only raw materials to improve a given object.

Where can I find a weapon?

This is really easy because the weapon drops from most enemies, and is also found in almost every building, better or worse, each will be useful because even the weak ones can be converted into parts.


It is literally everywhere, so giving the location does not make sense, it can be a large factory or a toilet full of dirt, ammo is everywhere, also falls out of the opponents and not a small amount. There are different types of ammunition, for example a ready pistol has different ammunition and a hand-made pistol (different).

Creating ammunition

Ammo can be made in any workshop that has the so-called DIY Workshop , it has a characteristic glowing green circle so it’s easy to recognize. To create ammunition, we must first know what weapon we want to create it and what kind of ammunition it uses, you can check it in the weapon statistics. When it comes to the materials needed, it is usually: Gunpowder, Lead (Lead) and Steel (Steel). Now that we have created the ammunition, it will be automatically assigned to the weapon.

C.A.M.P (Own Base)


I’m really impressed with how the developers have made their own “four angles” for the player. In your own base, camp, hideout, house, apartment or whatever you call CAMP you can relax after tiring wanderings and heavy skirmishes, here you can invite friends to a party or play electrician by adding and connecting led lights banners, strips or even create your own terminal making it fully functional and ready to perform commands! You can plan trips, organize libations, create your own weapons, armor, skins, cook and even, YES, YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN VODKA! it’s true, and it doesn’t stop there, wine, beer, all sorts of drinks and alcohol, and when you get tired of sitting inside you can always go outside and sow fruit and vegetables in your own garden and become a farmer like in Stardew Valley, and what!

As you can see there is a lot of it and I haven’t calculated everything, if you like sims then interior design and decor is for you! you can create several floors as well as basements, some electronics from previously created aggregates, connect cables with lamps and you have ready your own own C.A.M.P! However, it is worth mentioning that each of us has a limit of things that you can have in the camp, if we exceed it we will not be able to add anything to our camp.

How to get materials for your own camp?

Every single thing in your camp requires materials, you can get them almost everywhere but the basic raw materials are: wood, steel, copper, glass . How to get these resources? there are many ways, e.g. wood can be easily obtained from logs that are in forest areas, they also occur on the streets around the towns, just collect them and ready, we have obtained wood. When it comes to steel and copper, we can process almost anything, but it’s best to just collect empty rusty cans, after processing we will get both copper and steel, I also recommend metal windmills and typewriters. Now glass, we can get it by processing, e.g. broken lamp, alarm clock, but first of all we will get glass from various empty bottles, e.g. wine, vodka, cola nuka, etc.

One could say that everything you bring to your own base will simply be useful because after processing these things you will receive the materials necessary to create e.g. foundation, walls, windows, aggregators or your own tools.

Where to place your camp?

It depends only on you, I can only add that it’s best to place your campsite more or less in the middle of the map, why? it’s very simple, the cost of teleportation to the selected place will be almost the same, and if you have perks that reduce travel costs, it pays off amazingly.

Example: I put a camp in the left part of the map, I want to teleport to the city, which is located in the right part of the map, well, then I will pay much more because it requires moving my character from one end of the map to the other, and now if we have a camp in the middle of the map and we want to move to the left end of the map or right, up or down, then the costs will not only be lower but also will be the same and to the left and right, up and down;)

I would add that you don’t pay a single Cap for returning to your own camp, this also works for the crypt in which you started the game, teleporting to it is free.

Where to convert things into materials?

It’s very simple, any workshop is enough for you, it can be your own, but also one that is anywhere outside your camp. Just approach it and press (on the PC) the R button, then your materials will be displayed, select the “process everything” option and you’re ready, you will receive a large amount of necessary materials and each will be useful.

Can I transfer it?

Yes of course! and NOTHING you have to disassemble, all you have to do is choose the option where you agree to move it and now you choose the new location where it will be placed again and CYC! ready, the camp will be intact and all the items from the warehouse will remain in it, so the only thing you lose when moving is just a few caps;)

Can someone destroy my camp?

No! no one can do it unless someone is just a cheater, then well, it will be like GTA Online, it will be able to kill you and destroy your camp, but remember that you can quickly avoid it by simply leaving the “game world” that is, going out to the menu, then before he starts doing something you will leave the server and your camp with you 🙂

V.A.T.S. System

Starting V.A.T.S. mode (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) in Fallout 76 does not slow down time, it only changes the way of attacking nearby enemies. The crosshairs disappear, and instead of manually aiming we get a percentage chance to hit, we do not aim at the enemy because the arrows are automatically directed towards the opponent, we only choose the place in which we want to hit, then there will also be a% chance of hitting e.g. head 20% leg 70% , it is worth noting that a greater chance of hitting does not mean that we will deal more damage, on the contrary, if we hit the head (e.g. 20%) then we will deal much more damage as in the legs (e.g. 70%).

V.A.T.S. and the strength of the form

Although this mode is really useful and helps in combat, it consumes the strength of our character, which we use for e.g. sprinting or hitting with a white weapon. At the beginning, the use of VATS will “devour” a fairly large amount of strength (it is marked as “AP” in the lower right corner of the screen), so it is worth choosing such perks that limit it, should be available above level 10 and include such description: “The VATS system consumes fewer character actions / stamina. “

Is it worth using V.A.T.S.?

It depends on what situation you are in and what weapon you have:

  • If it’s a revolver, for example, and you are close to your opponents, it’s worth using this system because you can easily kill them all!
  • If you have a weak weapon, you can also use this mode, but you need to be close to the enemies and aim for them in the head, this will increase the damage dealt, but do not forget about the endurance consumed.
  • If you have a good weapon with a high DMG, there are a lot of enemies and your endurance is below average, don’t risk it, it’s better to step back because when you run out of stamina your character will not be able to run so you will die quickly.
  • If you have a good weapon and your endurance is full, it is worth using VATS, but remember that it will often do without it;)

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