Fall Guys – Tips for Hex-A-Gone Mode

Simple tips to increase your durability and consequently increase your chances of winning in this mode.

Useful Tips for Hex-A-Gone


It’s a game mode very similar to the “Splegg” mode of the glorious Minecraft but without the eggs where the ground you walk on disappears and restricts escape routes. Here the rule is clear: DO NOT FALL FIRST. The secret of this mode is the consummation of time and good movements.


There are two types of movements to be adopted that can help in the durability which are The Run and The Jump.

  • The Run: Used in areas where there are many players around, it is the act of running and destroying tiles in order for you to take down your opponents.
  • The Jump: Used when you are alone and don’t need to despair about others, it is the act of jumping from hexagon to hexagon calmly in order to consume as much time as possible.


Here I will list five tips that can help in your gameplay.

  • Not everything is lost: If you fell, it doesn’t mean you have lost. Take advantage of this and destroy tiles to make your opponents fall quickly.
  • Always alert: If you realize that there is nowhere to go, always keep an eye on the floor below and project your fall where hexagons are available to land.
  • Just dive: Use jump diving more often in situations where the hexagons are more separated. The dive can reach three hexagons away.
  • Let them go: As much as grabbing works, the chance is very low due to the great risk of not only your opponent but you also falling and losing the match.
  • No names: This is my choice, but turning off character names and just focusing on your Fall Guy can help (or not).

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