Factory Town – The Braindead Market Feeding Layout Guide

An easy to build optimized layout to feed your market or store, with less headache.

How to Build Optimized Layout of Market or Store

Feed It!

It’s a feeder, very efficient when you have a large variety of goods ready to sell incoming in one belt. And it looks hella cool!

The idea is simple, silos act as smart cushions to store exceed goods and keep the belt clean and running, will feed the stored goods to the market when demanded again. You can dump the goods however you want anywhere in the outer circulation belt. the only possible problem is when one or two goods are heavily overproduced and fill most of the silos. To clean it, just delete the silo content and lower the production speed of said goods. Press F to check goods in the silos.

Build as the picture above. You will need a 9×9 space for each feeder and they need to build on the bridge type tiles. Bridge types allow to builds stuff on it and also count as road, you will need that for connecting the houses. Don’t set filters on the pushers so they can act “smart”.

Theoretically. you can build a double layer feeder to increase its capacity but I don’t think it’s really necessary.

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