Evil Genius 2 – Make Money Tips

Just sharing my opinion and advice after binging 12 hours of gametime yesterday.

Early Game Schemes

Whilst you only have the 1st level of Criminal network and the most basic schemes, your two money making options are, typically:

  • Send 3 Workers, for 3 minutes and get $10,000/15 heat.


  • Send 3 Workers, for 30 minutes and get $20,000/30 heat.

It is worthless to use the 30 minute option, as over those 3 minutes you’re gonna earn 3 guards anyway, so one you have 3/4 criminal networks setup you can launch the 3 for 3 = $10,000 dollars option on network A and B, then launch it on networks C and D when A and B finish, then when heat gets too high, you just pay the $10,000 to clear all the heat on 10 seconds, which you should be doing on the Criminal Networks that are having downtime anyway, so you have a constant trickle of cash to fund your early game building.

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