Everything in the Grand Appreciation Fest – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

It has been two years since MH:W was released and Capcom is celebrating by holding a special event called the Grand Appreciation Fest. Like other events the Grand Appreciation Fest features a number of new things for hunters to unlock. Continue reading below to find out everything in the Grand Appreciation Fest. (Current status: Updating)

Note: the Grand Appreciation Fest runs from January 24 – February 13. Also keep in mind the base game is hosting the Appreciation Fest in tandem (see post here for details on that event).

Special Daily Bonus (1x Gratitude Ticket, Lucky Vouchers + Snowman)

Image showing the special daily bonus during the Grand Appreciation Event in MH:W:I.

Each day you login during the Grand Appreciation Fest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborn you will be awarded the following items as your Login Bonus:

  • 1x Gratitude Ticket: Can be turned into the workshop for the seasonal event armor sets.
  • 3x Lucky Vouchers
  • 3x Snowman: Festive item which can be used during hunts. Throw snowballs at other players during free time.

These bonuses will be earned every time you login to a new day for the first time. You can carry a stack of them, so don’t worry if you don’t spend them all right away

New Poogie Costume

Image showing the cosmic wisepig Poogie clothing.

When you go to Seliana for the first time after downloading the Grand Appreciation Fest update, you may notice that both your Poogie looks a bit different. Your Poogie has on the Cosmic Wisepig outfit. This Poogie’s outfit will unlock permanently after the evnet.

Note: If you wish to change Poogie’s costume, simply interact with it and select the Change Clothes option.

Past & New Events Are Available For A Limited Time

Image showing some of the new quests during the Grand appreciation fest.

There have been a number of events which have occurred since Monster Hunter World dropped two years ago. Most of these events were on a short timer, meaning you probably missed a few. While the Grand Appreciation Fest runs, you will be able to access all previous Events that have occurred in Monster Hunter World. This means you will be able to get the Aloy gear, Street Fighter gear, or whatever else you may have missed. Some quests you can complete are found below.

Some Old Quests to Complete:

Alongside replaying these old quests, there are a few new, limited time quest you can complete during the Grand Appreciation Fest. These quests reward you with new materials.

Some new Quests to Complete:

New Event Armor Sets: Astral Alpha + Armor & (Palico)

There are a couple of new event armor sets available for both your hunter and Palico. These armor sets are all themed around partying. Both the hunter and Palico sets come in Low and High Rank varieties. The new Grand Appreciation Fest sets available are as follows:

Astral Alpha+ Armor Set Requirements

Image showing the Astral Alpha+ Armor Set in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
  • Veil: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Gracium, 1x Monster Toughbone.
  • Cloth: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Purecrystal, 1x Monster Toughbone.
  • Scarf: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Gracium, 1x Monster Toughbone.
  • Skirt: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Gracium, 1x Monster Toughbone.
  • Tights: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Purecrystal, 1x Monster Toughbone.

Set Skill Info: Gratitude’s Gift, Gratitude’s Blessing, Divine Blessing – Set bonuses gains you Gratitude Tickets and VIP Gratitude Tickets from helping complete other hunter’s events.

Palico Space Set Alpha+ Requirements

Image showing the Palico Space Set Alpha+.
  • Machine: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Purecrystal.
  • Helmet: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Purecrystal.
  • Suit: 1x Gratitude Ticket, 1x Purecrystal.

Earn VIP Gratitude Tickets for Layered Armor Set and Pendants

Image showing the VIP Gratitude Ticket in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

There are two types of tickets players can earn during the seasonal event: normal Gratitude Tickets and VIP Gratitude Tickets. The VIP Gratitude Tickets are earned by wearing the Astral Alpha+ Armor Set while completing other hunter’s events. When you’ve earned VIP Gratitude Tickets you will unlock the following for purchase at the Smithy:

  • Layered Armor: Astral (5x Gratitude Tickets).
  • Pendants: Sky Blue Silverwisp (3x Gratitude Tickets), Peach Silverwisp (2x VIP), Red Silverwisp (2x VIP), Blue Silverwip (2x VIP), Green Silverwisp (2x VIP), Purple Silverwisp (2x VIP), and Onyx Silverwisp (2x VIP).

New Guild Card Background, Pose, and Titles

Image showing the new New Guild Card Background, Pose, and Titles from the Grand Appreciation Fest.

As is typical of a new seasonal event in MH:W, there is a new Background, Emote, and Titles for hunters to apply if they so desire. All of the items listed below can be found on your Guild Card page and have a reference to the Grand Appreciation Fest in their descriptions:

  • Background: Time Etched in the Stars.
  • Pose: Timeless Meeting.
  • Titles: 2nd Anniversary, Grand Appreciation, Adulation, Banquet, Much Obliged.

Vendor Sales During Grand Appreciation Fest

During the Grand Appreciation Fest, you will find the vendors will sell items at a discount. This means you can stock up on things like the Large Barrel Bombs for cheap. Items for sale are denoted by the medal to the right of them on the buy screen (pretty much all items are on sale). You will also notice that vendors like the Botanical Research Center and the Elder Melder are also offering items for lower prices.

The Gathering Hub is Decorated for the Grand Appreciation Fest

Image showing some of the decorations for the Seliana gathering hub.

The last part of the Grand Appreciation Fest I will highlight is the Gathering Hub has been decorated for the occasion. The room is very festive and boasts a number of costumed palicos and ladies. Each palico and lady is dressed in a style that matches the theme of the event which is winter-alien. Alongside the decorations there is also an event specific platter called the Grand Appreciation Platter which you can purchase from the Canteen.

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