Folders with intelligence is a type of item in Escape from Tarkov. Recently, there was a change to the Scav cases in Escape from Tarkov. You can now use Intelligence Folders now to do Scav case runs. Intelligence folders are also needed for Intelligence Center 1 and 2, making them a fairly in-demand item at the moment.

Escape from Tarkov Folders With Intelligence Spawns

The best way to farm Intelligence Folders at the moment is on the map reserve. There’s at least 15 different spawn points for them on Reserve, with a good amount of them at the dome. A Reddit user made this handy map down below that you can use to check the spawn locations.

You’ll need some pretty expensive keys to get the most out of this run. You can do most of the run without any keys at all, so there’s no need to sweat that if you don’t have some spare rubles available.

If you prefer a video walkthrough check out this one by Nitno, the same guy who designed the Folders with Intelligence Spawn map. He does a very nice job walking you through the entire run in great detail.