Escape from Tarkov’s Factory map is small, fast-paced, and often chaotic. There are many levels, including an underground tunnel system, main floor, second floor, and third floor. We find the Factory map posted below will help you figure out where you are on the map and learn the basic layout.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Guide 2020

The map above is a 3D rendition of the map with tunnels and catwalks. The map also shows extraction points and locks. The three PMC extraction points are Gate 0, Gate 3, and Cellars.

The second map above is a bit dated, but will include scav extracts, loot spawns, and some more labelled areas that you can use as callouts.

EFT Factory Spawn Locations

There are about ten different spawn locations in Factory. There used to previously be six, but now depending on the server population there will be around ten.

EFT Factory Map Extraction Points

Be on the lookout for extraction point campers on Factory, especially Gate 3 because it doesn’t require any items to use. Campers in general seem to be everywhere on this map due to its small nature. You’ll usually find PMCs farming scavs here also for the same reason.

  • Gate 3 – Open to PMC and Scavs and is always open. Does not require any special items.
  • Gate 0 – Open to PMC and Scavs and is always open but does require the Factory Key.
  • Cellars – Open to PMC only and it’s always open but does require Factory Key.
  • Camera Bunker Door – Open to Scavs only and is always open.
  • Office Window – Open to Scavs only and is always open.

We recommend checking out Factory on offline mode first and playing against AI for a few runs to get yourself familiarized with the map.

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