Escape From Tarkov has a ton of different items to wrap your head around. You likely have found a few keys by now, or come across a door that requires the Factory key, and have no idea where to get it. This guide focuses on where to find and use the Factory Key.

Escape From Tarkov Factory Key Locations

The Factory Key is something that you should always keep on your, as it provided access to a locked room on the third floor offices. Inside here, there is a possible weapon spawn, some loot and high end ammo.

The key can spawn in the office of 3-story in Customs, the blue locker of the glass warehouse in Customs, or behind the old gas station under the tree in a medbag. Check out this map for the red highlighted locations:

The Key (pumping station) opens up the “closed bunker” door closest to the extract in the exit area. There’s not much in here but it can serve as a good ambush area. This key can spawn in the lock room against the wall on the bench near the entrance.

The Key (admin) opens up the “closed bunker” in the exit area by machinery. Again, there’s not much in here but it can be a good ambush area. This is a completely random drop chance.