Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Near Optimal High Damage Setup

A guide on getting what is likely near optimal damage without doing excessive setup, it’ll net you the 10M damage medal at least as early as level 32 provided you get everything needed.

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High Damage Setup

You can pretty much do this as soon as you get Black Hole and Dark Gown to get the 10m Damage Medal.

  • Natalie with Black Hole, Obsidian Staff/Dark Bobble/Dark Gown, and Balance Badge/Hoop Earrings/Battle Paint.
  • Lance with Enfeeble and Spine Snapper/Cardboard Box/Coat of Teeth.
  • Anna, equips do not matter.

First Turn:

  • Lance skips his turn.
  • Natalie defends.
  • Anna uses Blessed Arrow.

Second Turn:

  • Lance uses Enfeeble.
  • Natalie uses Normal Attack.
  • Anna summons a Viking Monolith.
  • Lance uses MOAB.
  • Anna uses Frost Arrow.
  • Natalie uses Black Hole.

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