Enter the Gungeon – How to Beat the Pasts

This is a guide on how to beat the four main characters pasts.

Beating Main Characters


In the game enter The Gungeon the main goal is to beat the past for most of the characters. The past is available for you get the bullet to kill the past, then beating the dragun. After you beat the past, you get a alternate costume for the character that you beat the past with. If you perfect the past, you get a alternate weapon skin also. Each past is kind of easy if you have practice in the game, but if you don’t, they can be hard. So today i’m going to be telling you a simple guide on how to beat the main characters pasts.

The Hunter

The hunters past (in my opinion) is the easiest of the 4 pasts. In this past you start with the sticky crossbow, the wolf, and the Colt 1851. In this past, you have to defeat Dr. Wolfenclaw’s monster. His main attacks are a basic random spread of bullets witch is easy to dodge, a large sword made of bullets that spins around the monster a couple times, then disappears which is easy if you are far away from it, a attack where he makes wings out of bullets, and then shoots them away from himself, and a lightning attack that sends lightning bolts made of bullets near the player. Another thing that happens, is that Dr Wolfencleaw buffs the monster, until you kill him acting like the Gunsinger. This boss is easy if you are good at dodging random bullets coming your way.

The Marine

The Marines past is a little harder, but is still doable if your not extremely good. The marines past is against the Interdimensional Horror. The marine has the Marine Sidearm and Hegemony Carbine. The Horror has many attacks. One of them is that it lays down poisonous spots on the ground that if you stand on for too long you will be damaged. another attack is multiple lines of semi homing bullets. Another is a spread of bullets witch can be easily weaved through, and at the end shoots a circle large around itself witch you can dodge through. This attack is very similar to the bullet king, and old kings attacks. another attack that personally i think is the worst is where he spawns a group of small minions witch fire large bullets, and are really annoying to kill.

The Convict

The convicts boss is Black stache. in this past you fight with the Budget Revolver and a Thompson Sub-Machinegun. This past is one of the easier pasts to kill in my opinion. This boss does basic attacks that you would see in a mini boss, and has slightly low health. One of its notable attacks is it throws a molotov at one point. Other than that its mostly all bullets. Black stache also has minions come in witch are pretty easy to kill. My strategy with this boss is to just focus on black stache, and if you are good at dodging, you should be good.

The Pilot

The pilots boss fight is (in my opinion the hardest boss fight out of the 4). It works sort of like galaga, with its design. You start with a basic laser attack, and a rocket attack witch has to recharge. The attacks of the boss are mostly random bullets, but sometimes it spawns smaller ships on each side of itself witch you can destroy one side easily, and the other side dosent matter too much. Another attack is 2 lasers that put you in a small slim area, and it fires easily dodgeable bullets at you. This boss is hard if your newer, but if you get good it gets less hard.

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