Enter Locked Houses in AC Valhalla – Find a Way Around Barred Door

Sometimes your progress in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be blocked by locked doors. Other times you’ll detect wealth behind a barred or barricaded door using Odin’s sight. There are ways to deal with these obstacles, but they aren’t obvious, so you might get frustrated trying to overcome them. This guide will show you how to enter locked houses in AC Valhalla, and find a way around barred doors.

enter locked house ac valhalla find a way around barred door
Enter Locked Houses in AC Valhalla – Find a Way Around Barricaded Door

How to enter barred door?

If it’s a locked door, there’s no other way to open it except with a key. Thankfully, keys are usually near the doors whose locks they open, so you won’t have to look far. Using Odin’s sight will help pinpoint their location.

If the door is barred, a message will pop up saying so. In that case, you have to find a window or another opening tha gives you a clear view of it from the other side. From there, just shoot the bar with an arrow and you’ll be able to open it. If you use Odin’s sight, the part which you’re supposed to shoot will start glowing red.

When it comes to barricades, there are two kinds. If the barricade is made of planks, all you have to do is pull out your bow and shoot it. If it’s made of rocks and ruble, you’ll need to blow it up. Look for a red clay pot in the vicinity – these are filled with oil, so they explode on impact. Simply throw it at the barricade and you’ll destroy it.

If there’s no message and no clearly visible barricade, chances are you’re not supposed to go through the door. If you can see there’s something inside, you probably have to find another way in – a window you can climb through, or an opening on the roof.

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