Elisdon Altar – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

To the southwest of Raventhorpe in Grantebridgescire there is an altar. This altar is named Elisdon Altar. To complete the altar challenge you must collect 10 Bullhead (Small). This collection of fish can be a bit of a pain to find so I’m here to help you. Continue reading below to learn how to complete the Elisdon Altar.

Where to Catch 10 Bullhead (Small)

Image showing Where to Catch 10 Bullhead (Small).

Before you go to the altar I recommend catching the fish first. This can be done along the Nene River. Grab a boat and sail around where my marker is on the map above. Use Odin Vision to see where the fish are in the river. If you have the fishing rod (from building the Fishing Hut) you can fish them out. Alternatively you can use your bow and arrow to fish like a real viking. Regardless of your method catch a total of 10 Bullhead (Small) then move on to the next portion of the guide.

Deliver 10 Bullhead to Elisdon Altar

Image showing the Elisdon Altar.

Once you have all 10 Bullhead (Small) fish make your way to the altar (seen on map above). Here you want to offer the 10 Bullhead (Small) fish you caught. Completing this fish offering will complete the Elisdon Altar World Event. For your efforts you will receive XP and +1 Grantebridgescire Mystery.

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