Dying Light – Hidden Quarantine Zone Guide

Stop killing so many zombies or parkouring all the time for a few XP to rank up! I found a quarantine zone near the quartermaster(hospital tower) in Islums!

Guide to Hidden Quarantine Zone


This quarantine zone wants you to find five disaster drops and give them to your quartermaster in the safe zone.

You might ask why should we do that?

So here is the answer:

  • We all sometimes see those air drops falling from air,right? We must catch them and then give them to quartermaster and earn survivor rank and level up. But those XPs for ranking up are not enough so you have to do it so many times and it will be boring!
  • These disaster drops in that quarantine give you so much survivor xps and help you level up so much faster!

There is no dangerous zombies except the Bombers and Virals. You dont even need to fight with them. You can just skip them by running away from them and then they will lose you.

You can do this all the time because your progress wont be saved for this quarantine zone!

The location on the map.

This is how this quarantine zone looks like.

About these secret boxes:

These hidden boxes can only be found in quarantine zones. These boxes are locked and they are a little hard to be unlocked.

I suggest you to unlock them bc there is a very powerful cold weapon that hepls you to kill zombies much easier!

The disaster relife drops.

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