Dying Light – All 10 Notes (Hellraid DLC)

This guide includes screenshots of the 10 notes and also secrets in Hellraid DLC.

Guide to Notes and Secrets (Hellraid DLC)

Notes and Secrets

N1 The Count’s Blood-covered Letter, after coming out of the water.

S1 you can see it on your right after interacting with the first shrine parkour up in the next room.

S2 Interact with bookshelf beside the room with side by side dinning tables.

N2 Mysterious Book, in secret room behind moving bookshelf.

N3 Vara’s Request, is close to location of note 2.

S3 Parkour up above the side by side dinning tables.

S4 see Ch**se room 1 section.

N4 Library Note, in library go left as soon as you enter library.

N5 The Last Report, across the room from N4 go up the stairs cross the beam to get there.

S5 After getting first part of the Clavis Stone parkour up.

N6 Anat’s Instructions, you will come to a room with a guillotine and cages activate the lever nearby and find the room with the spiked chair.

N7 The appearance of the Chosen One, in room with dirty water pool. also S6 see Ch**se room 2 section.

N8 The Fate of the Chosen One – Part One, in room with broken statue.

N9 Anat’s Letter, up top in room with lava.

N10 The Fate of the Chosen One – Part Two, same room where you place the three parts of the Clavis Stone.

My bug

Ch**se Room 1 (Counts as a Secret)

Ch**se room 1 entrance.

C1, behind leaning crate.

C2, on shelf under stairs.

C3, room opens after some killing.

C4, skylight above entrance to cheese room.

Puzzle before.

Puzzle once complete.

Opens once puzzle is complete.

Ch**se Room 2 (Counts as a Secret)

Ch**se from room 1 doesn’t work with Ch**se room 2 puzzle.

Ch**se room 2

C1, in side room opens after some killing.

C2, in coffin same level as C1.

C3, go up stairs search around bookshelves.

C4 up top near C3.

Puzzle is on stairs.

Puzzle complete room at bottom of stairs opens.

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