Dragon Ball Locations – Wish Maker Trophy Guide in DBZ Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball locations are places where you can find the titular Dragon Balls. If you find all seven Dragon Balls in DBZ Kakarot, you’ll, of course, get to make a wish, which earns you the Wish Maker achievement. So, of course, the question is where to find Dragon Balls in DBZ Kakarot. With that in mind, welcome to our Dragon Ball Locations – Wish Maker Trophy Guide in DBZ Kakarot guide, in which we’ll show you where to find all seven Dragon Ball Z Dragon Balls, as well as how to get the Wish Maker trophy / achievement.

Dragon Ball Locations Wish Maker Trophy Guide in DBZ Kakarot
Dragon Ball Locations – Wish Maker Trophy Guide in DBZ Kakarot

Lucca Village East Ravine Area DBZ Kakarot Dragon Ball Locations

There are two Dragon Ball locations in DBZ Kakarot East Ravine Area in the Lucca Village region. That is, only after you’ve completed the Frieza Saga and gotten the prompt. The first one you can find, and the one with seven stars in it, is in the northeast of the area. You can check out the map below to see exactly where. The ball is on the southwest side of the mountain, between two bushes, in the middle of a group of three trees.

The second Dragon Ball that you can find in the East Ravine Area – Lucca Village is in the northwest. As you travel up the river, you’ll come across an entrance into a cave. Facing the entrance, look to the right and up. There are two platforms there; one is bigger, and has two wilted trees on it. The second is a very narrow shelf above and slightly to the left of the bigger one. That shelf is where you want to look for the Dragon Ball. It’s going to have one star inside.

How to Get Wish Maker Trophy / Achievement in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

To get the Wish Maker achievement / trophy in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you first have to get all seven Dragon Balls. Once you do, go into the main menu and select Dragon Balls. Then, select First Wish, and pick what you want from the list. Once you do, select Summon Shenron, and confirm your choice. When the cutscene begins, the Wish Maker trophy or achievement should pop up.

The list of wishes includes the following: fight any story boss you want again, 10,000 of each color of Z Orb to unlock and upgrade Special Attacks (I Want Z Orbs), a whole bunch of money to purchase stuff from vendors (I Want to Be Rich), and get rare items to build vehicles later on (I Want Rare Items). Of course, you can always collect all seven again and make another wish.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. Will be adding more Dragon Ball locations as we discover them. We’ll also make sure to check whether they respawn in the same place after you’ve used them once. In the meantime, check out some of our other guides, including Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Controls List – Commands & Keybindings and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophies / Achievements List Guide.

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