Dota Underlords – How to Win Using Bloodbound

I’ve been testing and watching gameplays from Dota Underlords and I found a way to dominate the game. I gotta be honest since sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it does. The Percentage of this winrate to top 1 is like 80% for me and I’d like to show it to you guys.

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For this to work out, you will be needing as many Bloodbound you can have. after that, you will need to get a Contract Item which makes your other non-bloodbound hero become bloodbound. (Bloodbound- If bloodbound hero dies, the other bloodbound heroes will be empowered) and of course you WILL need a Shadowfiend and a Tiny.

Dota Underlords - How to Win Using Bloodbound


  • Bloodbound Heroes (1 Warlock and 2 Orcs)(You can have 2 Warlock either). 
  • A Tiny (Can be one but two is much better). 
  • Bloodbound Contract + Shadowfiend. 

And maybe if you have:

  • Arc warden + Bloodbound Contract. 
  • Kunka or Tidehunter (For CC). 


It doesn’t matter if you got none in the beginning, just save gold and wait for the heroes to show up. It’s okay if your points is down to 50 or below, what’s important is you got all these characters.

You can also take 2 Bloodbound Contracts and give it to Arc Warden too.

Some other heroes you can add here is Alchemist, Enigma, Kunna and the Crystal Maiden or you can have another tiny beside Shadow Fiend for protection

Line up and Goal

Your line up will be like this:

Your goal here is to let your 2 orge die so that your Shadow Fiend and Warlock can have the buffs and Arc Warden too, if you have 2 Bloodbound Contracts.

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