Dota Underlords – How to Play with Controller

Works well with the Dualshock 3 on PC, Win 10. Easy to play lying in bed.

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What You Need

If you look for this guide, maybe, you already know how to connect DS3 to PC, but if you don`t, download following Programs:

  • SCP ToolKit

The best way to connect DS3/DS4 to Win 10, but you need to disable driver signature enforcement. Also you need to install xbox360 drivers for win 10, no matter what controller you have.

After this, run a program and install your drivers. There are many vids on Youtube how to use this ToolKit. Choose whatever you want and it will be right.

  • XPadder v5.7

This app you need to set what button on your keyboard match your controller button. Its not the best program and it a bit hard to use, but i didn`t find an alternative which works well with SCP.

My Config to Play

You can download it from Google Drive and add in your folder with program.

  • L2 – E
  • L1 – W
  • R1 – Left click
  • R2 – Arrow right
  • Left Stick – Move Cursor
  • Right stick – Not neccesary what, in my cfg i use it to switch between my foes and after-fight stats
  • Left Buttons – use it to switch btwn items, alliances, stats
  • R3 – back to my field while watching others
  • Right Buttons – operate with shop
  • Select – Tab

You can set it whatever you want, my var is not good at all.

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