Dota 2 – How to Know if Someone Actually Reported You After Game or Not?

You know sometimes… maybe not sometimes but all the time player rage and threaten you to report. Are they actually report you or they just already run out of report? How to know?

How to?

So here is how:

  • Go to your Steam profile and click on Games on right side.
  • Find Dota 2 and click personal game data.
  • Choose “Account” on “Select a category” from drop down list.
  • Choose “Incoming match player report” from drop down list.
  • Ta Da! Here you can see history of commend or report!
  • You can check match ID in game and see how many reports did you get from last match.
  • If “Communication Abuse”, “Ability Abuse”, “Feeding” says “Yes” you are reported. 1 row means 1 report.
  • Although you can’t know who reported you but hey you already know that guy right?!
  • If “Leadership Teaching Friendly Forgiving” says “Yes” you are commended!

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